Toronko Ruins magic fount

Written by MSG Commander


To reach Toronko Ruins, you'll have to fly to Avence Town, and then walk the rest of the way (or take your boat, but really, flying is so much faster).

When you enter Toronko Ruins, Terra shows up to open the path. As usual, step on the pentacle to get to the first screen...

This screen is full of arrow tiles, so you'll want to use a Heavy Ring. Head to the northeast, then follow the path all the way around to get all the treasures.

Again, when you reach the Recovery point, save your game and change the Difficulty back to Normal.

Boss Battle

Maid Dustia


Again, on Normal Difficulty you can Auto this battle.

After Izayoi opens the fount, take the secret passage to get a treasure, then come back and open the blue treasure north of the fount - surprise, there's another Chaosback Chelonia. Use magic to kill him quickly.

Now, exit Toronko Ruins and go to Selman Grove to open the fourth and final fount.

Toronko Ruins fount


  • T1 - Buster Ticket x2
  • T2 - Marshmallow Saber +60 (STR 10% HP Recovery 16% MP Recovery 20% Sleep 20%)
  • T3 - Parameter Ring
  • T4 - Anti-Magic Arkstone
  • T5 - 30 Arkstone
  • T6 - Medium Glove +120 (Gnome 8% Countdown 3% Swoon 10% Steal 10%)
  • T7 - Maid Gown