Wyrt Cave

Written by MSG Commander


On the first screen, take the path to the north. As soon as it turns east, there's a secret passage. Get the treasure there, and then take the exit to the east.

On the second screen, take the first path to the south to get a treasure. Then go back to the main path, and take the next path to the south, which leads to a secret passage. Get the treasure here and then go back to the main path.

Now take the fourth path to the south and get the treasure there. Now, take the third path to the south (the one that leads to the exit). Go through the secret passage before the exit, and get the treasure, then go south to reach the third screen.

Start out going south on the third screen. The game cuts to a scene with the Harmony Spirit facing off against Adusk's monsters. The Harmony Spirit is trying to deal both with the monsters, and with a stray Moomie she's trying to protect. Keith Glory arrives on the scene, and the Harmony Spirit teleports Keith and the Moomie to safety.

The game cuts back to your party. Izayoi senses that the Harmony Spirit is in danger.

When you regain control, follow the path to the west. When the path splits, go north to get two treasures. Then go back and take the path to the southwest. There are two secret passages between here and the exit, and they both have treasure. Once you have all the treasures, exit to the north to reach the fourth screen.

On the fourth screen, follow the path to the northeast to get two treasures. Then circle back around and take the path to the west to reach the exit to the final screen.

On the final screen, there's a secret passage right near the entrance. Get the treasure there, then follow the path around to the southeast.

Use the Recovery point, Save your game, and then go north to find the Harmony Spirit (and a Boss battle).

Boss Battle

Hazardous Waste

Boss Battle
Hazardous Waste


On this battle, I used Heavy Strike and Gatling Punch, and I had Minerva use Needle Spike to delay his battle turn. Hazardous Waste uses Poison, which I ignored, because I could tell the battle wouldn't last too long, but if you're playing on Hard or Expert you'll need to be able to cure Poison to win this battle.

After the battle, the Harmony Spirit (Freya) tells Izayoi about Odium and Adusk. Izayoi asks Freya to join the party.

Minerva mentions that since Odium is attacking spirit trees, you should travel to all the places where spirit trees grow. Freya says you need to narrow the search to the elemental spirits: Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire.

As it happens, Izayoi previously entrusted the elemental spirits with his power in case of emergencies, so going to visit them now will also allow Izayoi to regain his divine powers.

Iris says that to find the elemental spirits, you should ask the guild. To reach the guild, you'll have to go through a pass to the southwest of Klaver Village.

After all the dialogue, go to the right side of the screen. There's a secret passage here that leads to three treasures. Get the treasure and exit Wyrt Cave.

The game cuts to Keith Glory and the Moomie. Apparently, they were teleported just outside of Klaver Village. Intent on finding the Moomie's owner, Keith heads off to the southeast, and the game cuts to a scene with Odium. There's some sort of flashback, and then Odium attacks a Spirit Tree.

When the game cuts back to your party, talk to Paunch to return to Yaupon Village. Now talk to Paunch again, and he'll take you to Klaver Village. Exit Klaver Village and go southwest, past Folia Woods, to reach Bachlag Pass.

Wyrt Cave


  • T1 - Charge Jelly x2
  • T2 - HP Seed x2
  • T3 - Leather Knuckle +4 (VIT 20% INT 12% SPD 20%)
  • T4 - Magic Gummy x4
  • T5 - Indignator x2
  • T6 - Clod Book +2 (Critical 16% Steal 16% Confusion 6%)
  • T7 - Cure Matter x2
  • T8 - Light Saber +1 (Rage 15% Idle 16% Fatigue 14% HP 2%)
  • T9 - Luck Tablet x5
  • T10 - HP Seed x2
  • T11 - Lodestone (S) x2
  • T12 - Exit Feather x10
  • T13 - Choker
  • T14 - Light Dress
  • T15 - Light Assegai (Gnome 2%)