Written by MSG Commander

01 Honey Cider

Client: Allen

Where: Klaver Village

Description: In order to make the sweetest honey cider anyone has ever tasted, I will need you to fetch me some Golden Honey found only in Folia Woods.

Reward: Wholesome Ring B

The Golden Honey is located on the fourth screen in Folia Woods.

02 Best Fruit EVER

Client: Benedict

Where: Yaupon Village

Description: Once you have 2 Suprema Plums from the Rotwoods that live up on Granum Mountain, come back and see me! I'm counting on you!

Reward: VIT Seed x5

03 Taking Back What's Mine

Client: Ralph

Where: Apricus Town

Description: The guy who stole from me fled to Bachlag Pass. I want you to go after him and get my stuff back!

Reward: Boulder Ring

From the Exit, backtrack to [C], (check the Map for Bachlag Pass in the Location Walkthrough) and go due north until you find a suspicious person. Choose "Let's find out what he's doing!" Defeat the monster and then enjoy the dialogue.

04 Pests in the Garden

Client: Elsa

Where: Avence Town

Description: Please be sure to exterminate 5 Red Mothbees living around town like I asked, okay?

Reward: STR Seed x5

05 I Want to Be Strong!

Client: Morel

Where: Avence Town

Description: I want a mushroom that grows in the woods northeast of town, but given they're a favorite snack of monsters, you might have to fight for one...

Reward: Life Seed x5

Leave Avence Town and follow the World Map to the northeast. You'll see a monster on the World Map - that's the one you need to defeat. Once you have the Super Mushroom, take it to Morel for your reward.

06 Doing What Others Won't

Client: Odd-Jobber, Rachel

Where: Apricus Town (after you've secured a boat)

Description: Once you defeat 8 Marine Ogres, you're done with this job. Now make sure you do it!

Reward: INT Seed x9

07 Trading Meat For Fish

Client: Sophie

Where: Mapel Village

Description: Fish is the specialty of Apricus Town. There has to be someone there who will trade you that meat for some.

Reward: First Ring

In Apricus Town, go to the docks and talk to Fisherman, Bill. He'll trade you for a fish, which you can then take to Sophie.

08 Ocean Floor Cleaning

Client: Sprite, Pearl

Where: Atlantica (after you've completed Priya Temple)

Description: Your goal is to gather at least 5 pieces of Sunken Trash, but the more the better. I'll be looking forward to see how much you find!

Reward: Life Seed x5-30


The Sunken Trash is in the Undersea around Atlantica.

Each time you enter the Undersea, anywhere from 3 to 5 pieces will spawn in the same fixed locations.

So, go collect all the trash you can, then enter Atlantica and exit Atlantica.

3 to 5 more pieces will be waiting to be collected.

Now repeat this process until you're tired of it.

(Depending on how much trash you collect, you'll get more Seeds, however - I collected 32 pieces in total and only got 9 Seeds!)

09 Hannah & Edwin

Client: Hannah

Where: Krokos Villa

Description: You should be able to gather some Lyrus Nuts here around the place. Please come see me once you have found 4 of them, okay?

Reward: Protection Ring, Next Arkstone

Exit Krokos Villa and explore the World Map in the immediate vicinity. One is north of the Villa, one is to the southeast past the mountains, one is due south of the Villa, and the last one is en route to Fleur Ruins.

10 Harold's Oddity Collection

Client: Harold

Where: Krokos Villa (after you've completed Fleur Ruins)

Description: Bring back 6 Fluffy Scales from the Dragon Moomies that inhabit Fleur Ruins. I'll be looking forward to when you do! Hmm hmm hmm...

Reward: Ability Seed x5

11 A Precious Stuffed Animal

Client: Odd-Jobber, Rachel

Where: Guild Camp (only available if you've already completed Quest 06)

Description: I want you to find a Stuffed Moomie dropped somewhere on Mount Ramah. It should have the name Violet written on the back.

Reward: Double Arkstone

The Stuffed Moomie is on the second to last screen in Mount Ramah (one of the maps that is "outside" on the summit, look north of the trees.)

12 Mushroom Madness

Client: Morel

Where: Guild Camp

Description: I'm a monster. I'm nothing but a monster! Uwaaah!

Reward: Truffle

Exit the Guild Camp and head south until you see a monster on the World Map. Defeat the monster (Morel), and then sit back and enjoy the short scene that ensues!