Skills and Magic

Written by Islandi

This game uses Skills, Magic, Unisons, Trust Charges and Microbursts.



As a character levels up, they will learn new skills. However, these skills differ from character to character. Skill strength increases mainly in proportion to character ATK.



There are 3 types of magic - Light, Shadow and Void. As rank increases, so do the number of spells. Magic strength increases mainly in proportion to character's INT.



When the main and sub team members cast certain magic together, it will result in an Unison. When combined, they are much more powerful. Magic that can be used in Unisons are marked by a ★ on the bottom left. The magic spells to cast an Unison are shown as (Magic #1 x Magic #2).


Trust Charges

These are individual character skills that can be used when the Trust Gauge is 100%



The party will be able to use Microbursts, which only consume a small portion of the Trust Gauge. These skills vary depending on the members of the team, as well as with specific buddies. Trust Charges and Microbursts are physical skills, with exception of a few.