Written by Most Useless Person Ever

01. Snow Friend

Location: Ayle Village (Archelio)

Client: Alice

Description: What I need for my snow friend's eyes are 2 Holly Berries. You should be able to find some here in the village.

Reward: Skill Gummy x3

02. Soup for the Soul

Location: Ayle Village (Archelio)

Client: Tabitha

Description: What I need is a wild herb known as Balmy Sedge. You can find it growing near the village. Its leaves are serrated, so you can't miss it if you come across it!

Reward: INT Seed x2

03. A Request to a Request

Location: Ayle Village (Archelio)

Client: Seth

Description: Using that device I want you to collect information on the chick-like monsters living near the village. Once you defeat 4 or more of them, you're done collecting information.

Reward: Hatchling Jewel x2

04. Homewood Medicine

Location: Nowarl City (Archelio)

Client: Nancy

Description: You can find the Psychedelic Shrooms in Hollah Ruins in the possession of Timid Fairies. Please bring me 3 once you collect them.

Reward: INT+8 Jewel

05. Beloved Pets

Location: Tricory Village (Archelio)

Client: Bethany

Description: It is not 1 but 3 Pet Pugworts gone missing. Their names are Josephine, Anna, and Elizabeth. I will search here in the village again and you see if they wandered outside.

Reward: Quadrupler Jewel

06. Looking for a Fighting Seafarer

Location: Rhuge City (Archelio)

Client: Mark

Description: The target monsters I've been asked to exterminate are the Soft Lurkers that live in the ocean. All I need you to do is kill 6 of them. Now good luck!

Reward: Medium Gemstone

07. Mystery of a Moving Barrel

Location: Nowarl Castle (Archelio)

Client: Harry

Description: Only those barrels in the castle have been seen moving. That is why I believe if you check them all, you will find the ghost I am telling you about.

Reward: First Strike Jewel

08. Princess Analise's Cake

Location: Rhuge Castle (Archelio)

Client: Princess Analise

Description: What I would like you to find for me is 4 Sugar Plums. I believe the easiest way to obtain them is from the Luscious Mushrooms in Sabreenah Woods.

Reward: Flower Bookmark x2

09. Hooch's Travelling Companion

Location: Gutenberg City (Asdivine)

Client: Hooch

Description: I lost sight of my travelling companion Pooch in Lukina Cave. Please find him for me! (Interpreted by Nadia)

Reward: Phantom Wolf Jewel x2

10. Young Entrepreneur

Location: Orcus Village (Asdivine)

Client: Jessica

Description: You can get Keniya Nuts from the Green Malkins that live in Brorsen Cave. Now please get 5 of them for me, Zack!

Reward: Zero MP Jewel

11. Wandering Mailman

Location: Sirona Port (Asdivine)

Client: Nathan

Description: If you do find my friend near the ocean and away from society, tell him Nathan said to give that letter to him.

Reward: Stone Guard Jewel

Nathan's friend is found on one of the small islands in the middle of Asdivine.

12. Jolie's Nightmares

Location: Gutenberg Castle (Asdivine)

Client: Agnes

Description: I'll never sit back and allow evil monsters to haunt Jolie's dreams! Now go forth and exterminate 9 of these Rancid Mushrooms that inhabit Leto Forest!

Reward: MP+16 Jewel

13. Elyse's Request

Location: Izar Port (Reveria)

Client: Elyse

Description: Those Firestones I asked you to get I intend to take back home as souvenirs. You can obtain them from the Gastrodia in Sallus Ruins and I'd like you to collect 7 for me.

Reward: Tray Quartz

14. Lumver with a Glow

Location: Izar Port (Reveria)

Client: Mast & Rudder

Description: What we want you to find us is a Mighty Bough. Its characteristic is that it glows. Now get to work finding us one in Hitaki Woods!

Reward: Accelerator x10

15. Headstanding Bears

Location: Forgotten Village (Reveria)

Client: Flora

Description: There should be a Headstanding Bear in every settlement except this one. Once you find all 10, bring them back to me here!

Reward: Proactive Jewel