Fossil Collectors Rewards

Written by Cho

There are five Fossil Collectors scattered throughout the game.

Each one asks you to bring them a certain type of Fossils, and offers a different weapon as a reward.

The best weapons you can obtain are from Fossil Collectors.

Bone Fossil Collector

NE house in Sanlo Village


Fang Fossil Collector

Behind the inn in Alvin City


Skull Fossil Collector

NW corner of Gutenberg Town (Reveria)


Talon Fossil Collector

Behind the tree near the Weapon Merchant house in Gutenberg City


All Fossil Collector

Library in Gutenberg Castle


Tray Fossil Shrines

Last Floor of Trial Tower


SW shrine

NW shrine

NE shrine

SW shrine

Deep S shrine

Where to Find the Fossils

You'd recieve some of the fossils during storymode play (don't forget to use Pickaxe on boulders :P).

There are also some fossil chests in Trial Tower (mostly Tray ones) and Chronostasia.

The best ways to farm for wanting fossils are:

Boulder Area island (blue circle on map, S of Trial Tower, NW of Mt. Hoba - North) with a lot of Pickaxes, but there you'll probably get only Tray fossils with some Skull ones;

Repeatedly kill Receptionist (in Secret Arena - Ultimate Powerhouse (Eden's Cause)) for 30 AHP, then buy Fossils from Shop (and Trial Tower key as well).