True Endings Tips

Written by Cho

True End "Special Endings"

There are actually 4 True End "special" ending scenes - one for each girl.

The only thing that affects which ending you get is Zack's companion's Trust Level.

In order to unlock a specific ending, one girl must have a Trust Level of 85 or higher. Also, it must be higher than the other girls.

But what happens if some girls have equal highest Trust? Then the ending would be chosen according to next priority:

Stella -> Uriel -> Felix -> Celine.

If all Trust Levels would be <85,  you'll receive True End - "A New Adventure" with no additional scene after credits.

This also applies to the Normal Endings (the only thing is that critical Trust Level of 85 may be lower for Normal End scenes).


How to Raise (and Lower) Trust Levels

As the story progress there will be special free time events, during which Zack may talk with different party members to raise his Trust Level with each of them.

There is also a way to manipulate Trust Level with items (Homemade Cookies, Ancient Bible, Fabled Spice, Sardines, Secret Bromide). Some of them you'll find during storyplay. All of them you may buy for Guild Coins (Homemade Cookies may be bought for AHP too).

So, the items affects the Trust Level as follows:

  Stella Uriel Felix Celine
Homemade Cookies +20 +20 +20 +20
Ancient Bible +1 -5 +1 +5
Fabled Spice +5 +1 +1 -5
Sardines -5 +1 +5 +1
Secret Bromide +1 +5 -5 +1


List of Special Endings:

  Normal End True End
Stella Convenied Feelings An End and a New Beginning
Uriel Closer than Before Love Story
Felix The Two Deites Deity in Love
Celine Unchanging Warmth Together Forever