Felix Side Quest

Written by 3beez

Felix is a two-tailed pink cat from Asdivine Hearts. She's making a cameo appearance here in Asdivine Kamura as a tourist. She seems to appear randomly in towns and dungeons. Speak to her in 25  (UPDATE: It might take more than 25 locations. Felix is a very bad kitty!) different locations, and she'll tell you to meet her "later" at the Akatsuki Town Inn. "Later" means after Amalur Spire in the post-game content.

When you find her at the inn, she'll reward you with one Mystic Orb, and you'll get the pattern, Lifestream.

  1. Yamabuki Sanctuary (3rd screen, in a niche to the east of the NPC )
  2. Doshin Pond (First screen, at far north water area)
  3. Shinonome Village (Inside  the inn)
  4. Mount Akeno (Enter from Shinonome side, middle of 2nd screen)
  5. Bay Lodge (West side of village entrance)
  6. Akatsuki Town (SE area of town, below Treasury)
  7. Kiyomizu Highway (3rd screen from entrance, go east, north across bridge, then west)
  8. Reimei Town (Treasury area, SW loop of town)
  9. Utsushi Peak (3rd screen, go to the east, ignoring the stairs, the area with 3 trees)
  10. Shigure Shrine (West side of the shrine building)
  11. Asamadaki Village (Step-down area, south of shops)
  12. Kiln Ruins (2nd screen, far SE side)
  13. Yonaga Sea Tunnel (Last screen from Akatsuki side or 1st screen from Hakubo side, go down middle section of  the step-down area, then west)
  14. Hakubo Village (Go south, 2nd screen, below Treasury)
  15. Ryusei Gateway (From 1st screen, go to west area, and then north thru the torii)
  16. Tasogare Town (North of entrance)
  17. Tasogare Castle (between pillars at beginning of  "fill the ovens with water" area)
  18. Utsushi Peak - North Entrance (3rd screen, go west, north up the stairs, and then to the west)
  19. Shinmei Village  (In front of weapon shop counter)
  20. Koto Sanctuary (3rd screen, go east)
  21. Hakuya Town (In front of building that is west of  Treasury)
  22. Kami Tower (Pillar area where you find the Tower Key item)
  23. Kitakaze Palace (Shrine steps)
  24. Tsukikage Woods (Go east to the next screen, and about 3/4 of the way around)
  25. Kiln Ruins - Chasm (1st screen of chasm area; 1st east leg of map)
  26. Post-game: Shigure Shrine - Underground (3rd screen, middle area)

DISCLAIMER: It's possible Felix appears elsewhere. I never found her in Amalur Spire, but I think in my first playthrough, she was in the 2nd area east in Eques City. Maybe.