Written by 3beez

Pattern Normal (Allies) Reverse (Enemies)                    Obtain
1 Assail Damage dealt by transformed character 25% up. Damage dealt to transformed character 80% down. Akatsuke Town - Story
2 Aegis Chance of abnormal status 30% down. Chance of abnormal status 60% up. Akatsuke Town - Story
3 Alacrity Turn slightly sped up at start of battle. Turn delayed at start of battle Acquire 9 Mystic Orbs.
4 Blitzkrieg Slightly easier for additional attacks when using normal attacks. Easier for additional attacks when using normal attacks. Acquire 10 Mystic Orbs.
5 Mitigate Restorative effects 50% up. Parameter enhancing effects nullified. Acquire 14 Mystic Orbs.
6 Recondition 1 random parameter up at start of battle. 2 random parameters down at start of battle. Acquire 16 Mystic Orbs.
7 Modify Damage dealt 50% up until second turn. Damage dealt 90% down second turn. Acquire 31 Mystic Orbs
8 Trove Item drop rate 20% up for enemies defeated on turn. Item drop rate 35% up when defeated. Defeat Maid Cup at Battle Arena.
9 Phalanx Damge received 25% down. Damage received 35% up. Complete all subquests, and speak to Deed Harbinger at Battle Arena.
10 Lifestream 15% chance revived with 25% HP when swoon. 20% chance of swoon from normal attacks. Boss: X See Felix Side-quest