Written by 3beez

Subquest 1: Lost Jewelry Box

Client: Yayoi
Location: Bay Lodge
Description: I think you'll find my Jewelry Box somewhere along the shoreline. It's made using two pink seashells. Please Find it!
Reward: Reviving Balm (S)

Subquest 2: Help Making Supper

Client: Fuyo
Location: Shinonome Village
Description: Were you able to find any Shinonome Grass? There should be plenty growing near the village.
Reward: Power Flask

Subquest 3: Menaces of the Akatsuke Region

Client: Usui
Location: Akatsuki Town
Description: I want you to exterminate 3 Thieves appearing around town. Now make sure you remember I put in a request.
Reward: Strength Flask x3

Subquest 4 : Drunk on Wine and Petals

Client: Ichi
Location: Reimei Town
Description: Get me 2 Flower Seeds from the Cerulean Cats that show up on Kiyomizu Highway. I want to make a scent bag with them.
Reward: Sakura's Gambit: Focal Point

Subquest 5: Missing Priest

Client: Hanabi
Location: Reimei Town
Description: I'm not sure if it's Gento up on Utsushi Peak, but if it is please bring him back. Also, let me know if it isn't him.
Reward: Attack All Stone+15

Subquest 6: Piece of One's Past

Client: Tsugumi
Location: Asamadaki Village
Description: It seems the monster that stole my hairpin has made its home in the Kiln Ruins. I also hear it is a stong one!
Reward: Ayame's Gambit: Safeguard

Subquest 7: Securing a Travel Route

Client: Mutsuki
Location: Hakubo Village
Description: Exterminate 5 Shrine Furies at Ryusei Gateway. I want merchants able to pass through there as soon as possible.
Reward: Forgestone (M) x4

Subquest 8: Queen of Hide-and-Seek

Client: Yuzu
Location: Tasogare Town
Description: So what do you say to playing with me? I'll hide, and you come find me! If my sense about you is right, it'll be fun!
Reward: Shiranui's Gambit: Swipe

Subquest 9: Letter for a Lifesaver

Client: Ogi
Location: Akatsuki Town
Description: Please find the crag harbinger on the seashore of the Asamadaki Region and give him that letter. I pray for your safe journey.
Reward: Mystic Orb

Subquest 10: Fishing Conditions

Client: Sazanka
Location: Shinmei Village
Description: I want 4 Slender Thingamabobs from the Emerald Bream. I'll be looking forward to them!
Reward: Mystery Flask x2

Subquest 11: Reason for Silence

Client: Taro
Location: Hakubo Village
Description: Bring back that acquaintance of Gento's from Yonaga Sea Tunnel. Be careful of the powerful monster living there!
Reward: Strength Jewel

Subquest 12: Unexpected Study Group

Client: Dengaku
Location: Hakuya Town
Description: I need to relearn the correct information for battleā€¦Give me a shout as soon as you're ready to help!
Reward: Mystic Orb

Subquest 13: Surrogate Monster Exterminator

Client: Dango
Location: Shinmei Village
Description: I want you to exterminate 7 Kelly Cats at Kitakaze Palace for me. Just be sure not to get lost on your way there.
Reward: Genius Charm

Subquest 14: Evil Beneath Shigure Shrine

Client: Hanagi & Taro
Location: Reimei Town
Description: After you finish defeating the monster under the shrine, please be sure to report back to me.
Reward: Mystic Orb

Subquest 15: Nameless Craftsman's Creation

Client: Sekirei
Location: Hakuya Town
Description: Get me 6 Gnarled Wood from the Parasitewood in Last Eden. I'm going to need them for my next creation!
Reward: Forgestone (L) x2

Subquest 16: Taking Care of Business

Client: Spirit, Aries
Location: Eques City
Description: Exterminate the Shadow Tentaclers Givol left behind in Amalur Spire. If you defeat 12 of them, that'll be enough.
Reward: Mystic Orb

Subquest 17: My Dear Addie

Client: Fairy, Jana
Location: Eques City
Description: Did you find my Addie doll? She should be somewhere here in the city!
Reward: Barrel Stamp

Subquest 18: Sakura's Sidestory 1

Client: Craftsman, Yanagi
Location: Akatsuki Town
Description: The Lone Branches I use as material for my scoops can be found at Doshin Pond. Please find 1 and bring it to me.
Reward: Vitality Jewel

Subquest 19: Sakura's Sidestory 2

Client: Sakura
Description: Let's go speak with Kokai at the Bay Lodge.
Reward: Vitality Flask x3

Subquest 20: Sakura's Sidestory 3

Client: Kokai
Location: Bay Lodge
Description: Bring me 3 Bonito Clams from down by the seashore. While you're doing that, I'll get to work with cooking preparations.
Reward: Forgestone (M) x3

Subquest 21: Sakura's Sidestory 4

Client: Kokai
Location: Bay Lodge
Description: Bring me 3 Armored Yellowtail Marsupial Bones from the Flying Bream in the sea. Be careful getting them, though.
Reward: Forgestone (L)

Subquest 22: Sakura's Sidestory 5

Client: Sakura
Description: Let's enter Utsushi Peak from the south side and make for the place where it's reflected.
Reward: Attack All Stone+50

Subquest 23: Ayame's Sidestory 1

Client: Ayame
Location: (Tasagore Town)
Description: Let's defeat the Calamity Deity on Mount Akeno.
Reward: Skill Sphere

Subquest 24: Ayame's Sidestory 2

Client: Ayame
Description: Let's defeat the Calamity Deity on Kiyomizu Highway
Reward: Intelligence Flask x3

Subquest 25: Ayame's Sidestory 3

Client: Ayame
Description: Let'sdefeat the Calamity Deity in Akatsuki Town.
Reward: Forgestone (L)

Subquest 26: Ayame's Sidestory 4

Client: Ayame
Description: Let's look for the Calamity Deity in Tsukikage Woods.
Reward: Sacrifice Charm

Subquest 27: Shiranui's Sidestory 1

Client: Shiranui
Location: (Asamadaki Village)
Description: Let's find the Ghost of Fuma in Yamabuki Sanctuary.
Reward: Speed Sphere

Subquest 28: Shiranui's Sidestory 2

Client: Shiranui
Description: Let's speak with Rindo in Hakubo Village about the old superstitions people had about killing people.
Reward: Speed Flask x3

Subquest 29: Shiranui's Sidestory 3

Client: Shiranui
Description: First, we need to kill 10 Demon Bears in the Kiln Ruins (Chasm area). Then we'll look for Fuma at Shigure Shrine.
Reward: Forgestone (L)

Subquest 30: Shiranui's Sidestory 4

Client: Shiranui
Location: Shigure Shrine
Description: Let's defeat the Ghost of Fuma at Shigure Shrine.
Reward: Curse Stone+50