Azyleo’s Secret Arena Guide

Written by Azyleo

Note: The Guide was made on Hard Mode, so if you are playing on Normal and Easy, Expect these bosses to be a lot easier. As Always, this Guide can be used for Lower Difficulties as well. Also If Anyone has better a better strategy, please let me know and I will update this post, and ofcourse will give credit to him/her.
Note: For Further Discussions, See here.

Mount Ramah Bosses:

Alex Glory and Jane Glory:


Alex and Jane


Recommended Level: 130+
Recommended Unison:  Except for X-Heal Variants You wont need them here.
Alex HP:
Jane HP:
Prize:Life Seed x5
Alex Magic:  Shining Tempest ( All: Parameter Effects Nullified ), Shining Ball ( Int One Rank Down ) Shining Cascade ( Multiple Status Effects, But Infliction is quite rare, hits all enemies )
Jane Skills:  Vigor(All Parameters Except DEF 2 ranks up ), Piercing Arrow ( Chance of Paralysis ), Ariel Arrow ( Delays Turn ), Smack ( Causes Confusion )
Strategy:  A Very Easy Battle. Jane is like you fought her in her previous battles. Alex However Changed a bit, now that he only uses Magic, and no skills.
Jane is the main problem here, Alex is only the backup support, once Jane is gone, Alex is well quite Easy.
Jane Uses Vigor at her first turn, and every once the effects wears off, She Uses It Again, immediately Alex Will Use Shining Tempest to Nullify Your Parameters. Now Alex is pretty Much Random, he will only use Shining Tempest When Any of your character has any parameter 2 ranks up, so its better to only increase your parameters 1 rank up.
Just Hit Jane With Everything You have. Glorious Slash Works Wonders and Litanys Seasonal Disarray will dispatch them in no time flash. Just Heal When you when required.
All in all, a very easy battle, and you should not have any problems with them. If You Have HP regen, MP Regen, Crit and Str on your Weapons. This Boss Fight Will be too Easy.


Maidame's Four Maids: Assistia, Dustia, Broomia, Servia :


Recommended Level: 300+
Recommended Prerequisites:  All Maid Weapons ( If Possible, Have Izayois and Noelles Maid Weapons, Others with anything having High % of HP Regen and Should be stronger than a normal weapon, Mostly a ATK 300+ will do fine), Have Maintenance Ring and A Ring Which Nullifies Status Effects( Sorry Forgot Name )
Recommended Unison:Starlight Gift, Light vs Shadow, X-Heal 3
Broomia HP:
Dustia HP:
Servia HP:
Assistia HP:
Prize:  Ability Seed x5 , Weed Crest ( One Time Only )
Broomia Skills:  Slap( Causes Rage ), Full Round Slap, Stomp( Rage ), Mini Magic, Box Tray ( Causes Multiple Status Effects Including Virus ), Flame Wall ( Def 1 Rank Down )
Dustia Skills:  Slap( Causes Rage ), Full Round Slap, Stomp( Rage ), Alluring Kiss ( Causes Poison, Paralysis, Sleep , Confusion ), Hyper Duster ( Parameter Effects Nullified )
Servia Skills:  Slap( Causes Rage ), Full Round Slap, Stomp( Rage ), Ice Wall ( ATK and INT 1 Rank Down, all Enemies )
Assistia Skills:  Slap( Causes Rage ), Full Round Slap, Stomp( Rage ), Losing It, BP Steal, Tray Laser ( Delays Turn )
Strategy:  You want to know what a cheap boss fight is, wait till you fight these maids. They Are Extremely Fast and Hit Hard, Very hard. Luckily they don't have much HP, but they are still cheap. Looked at those skills above? They are more cheap than that, and Maid Assistia has one more skill which she uses, which is clearly annoying and I have not listed it yet.
You Have to do 4 things: Defeat Dustia and Servia first and as Fast As You can. Leave Broomia for Last, Defeat Assista First, then defeat Broomia.
Now the thing is when starting battle, Make Sure to Equip A Maintenance Ring and Ofcourse a Something that Nullifies Status Effects on All Characters. Start of the Battle with Light vs Shadow, to bring there parameters down. Use Glorious Slash and Litanys Seasonal Disarray. Make sure to use Noelles "See Noelles Power" at the beginning of the battle. Now Like Always, They Will Mostly Use Skills like Stomp,Slap and Full Round Slap at first but they start using more skills as the turns increases, so be sure to defeat Dustia and Servia Before 10 Turns. It Doesnt Matter How You Do it, With Izayois Maid Brand, and There Parameter Down You Should Be Dealing Damage in Millions with Glorious Slash Alone. After Defeating the Dustia and Servia , Make Sure to Defeat Assistia, They Will now use new skills but it shouldnt be much now. As always Starlight Gift is your Friend along with X-Heal 3 so make sure to use them, After Assista is Gone, Broomia is not worth Fretting Over.
The Key to The Battle is to Make sure you dont get inflicted with Virus and Keep you HP up at all times.


 The Jolie Doppelgangers:


Recommended Level:  500+
Recommended Prerequisites:  All Maid Weapons ( If Possible, Have Izayois and Noelles Maid Weapons, Others with anything having High % of HP Regen and Should be stronger than a normal weapon, Mostly a ATK 300+ will do fine), Have Maintenance Ring and Parameter Ring On all If Possible ( Izayoi Should Atleast Have it )
Recommended Unison: Starlight Gift, Light vs Shadow, X-Heal 3
Alpha Jolie HP:
Omega Jolie HP:
Prize: Experience Ring ( One Time Only ), Alto Heal Matter x5( Later Onwards )
Alpha Jolie: Let Me Serve You( Cures All Status Effects, All Parameters 2 Rank Up for Allies and Enemies ); One, Two, Punch ( ATK 1 Rank Down ), Maids Fist, Look Out Below ( Deals Massive Damage to One Enemy ), Lets Do This, How About This ( Delays Turn )
Omega Jolie: Let Me Serve You( Cures All Status Effects, All Parameters 2 Rank Up for Allies and Enemies ), Magic:Shadow Ball( SPD 1 Rank Down ), Losing It( Enemy Faces The Other Side ), Please Forgive Me ( Causes Paralysis and Delays Turn ), Magic:Shining Rain ( All Enemies INT 1 Rank Down )
Strategy:  Remember Jolie In Dios, And How She Has Many Phases, Atleast this time around she doesnt have any or its more sufficient to say, she doesnt need any, because this time around, instead of one there are TWO Jolie's. Like One Wasn't Enough, These Jolie Doppelgangers almost have the same skills and mostly follow the same pattern.
Like in DIos, Both Jolie's Will Cast Let Me Serve You On There First Turn, Now the thing is, they dont have any flashy attacks nor do any of there attacks cause status effects, Major Parameter Changes, although most of there attacks are indeed AOE attacks.
The Thing is When They Increase there parameters, it does not wear of after time. Yours Will, But theirs Will Not, so You Will Have to Forcefully Lower Their Parameters. If You Dont Each Of their attacks are Lethal and Will Prove Fatal, having even the potential to one hit KO any character.
For This The Parameter Ring is a must, Use Light Vs Shadow Two Times, Only After When They Use "Let Me Serve You" . The Advantage of Parameter Ring Here is That, it Will Double Any of Your Base Parameters, so because of this they will die pretty quickly. Now, when their parameters are normal, Use The Best Skills You have on Them, This Will Guarantee You To Cripple them in no time flat, even before they use there above skills.

NOTE:  Alpha Jolie Tends To Die Very Early on, because her base Defense is much lower than Omega Jolie, so just Defeat Alpha Jolie First Then Omega Jolie Will Be a Breeze.
Also, there is to note that, if you defeat Alpha Jolie Pretty Early in the Battle, Omega Jolie Will Glitch and Will Constantly Start Using Let Me Serve You On Every Turn. This Has Happened Quite Many Times For me and it can happen to you aswell. She will be a easy defeat then actually.


Secret Battle Arena Bonus Boss, Maidame Curie:


Note:This Boss Takes Two Turns Every Turn. Be Warned, Keep Your HP Above 75%.

Recommended Level: 999 ( Yeah This is One Tough Lady )
Recommended Prerequisites: All Maid Weapons( With SPD, 70%, STR, HP REGEN, Crit ),Have Maintenance Ring on All and Parameter Ring On all Protection Ring If Possible. You need all of these Before you can even lay a finger on her in Hard Mode.
You Mush Absolutely have 4000+ Stats on All Character. This is a MUST ON HARD MODE. On Normal Mode, eh Not So Much, on Easy Mode, Why are You Even Asking?
For This You Can Farm Ability Seed from Chaos Dragon in Level 800 Area. Or Turn Easy Mode On, Beat the Living Day lights out of Maidame Cure, then Use Ability Seeds on x99 on one Character. Do This Till All Characters Atleast have 4000+ Stats.
Recommended Unison: Starlight Gift, Light vs Shadow, X-Heal 3, Dispel, Skill Reflect X4
Maidame Curie HP:
Maidame Curie Steal: Hitman Arkstone
Maidame Curie Drop: Hitman Arkstone
Prize: Digiromo Suit ( One Time Only ), Ability Seed and Life Seed x99 Each( Later Onwards )
Maidame Curie Skills: Let Me Serve You( Cures All Abnormal Status), You Naughty Child( ALL: Hits 80 Times, All Parameter Effects Nullified ) How About This( All: Causes Confusion and Delays Turn), Its Time to Clean ( Causes BP Depletion, Depletes All BP), Oh MY( All:Causes You To Face the Other Way), Cleanliness Starts With the Feet( Causes Idle ), Heavy Crash(Causes Count Down), Magic:Shadow Sphere ( Causes Paralysis )
Strategy: Now That You Have All the Pre-Requisites Done, Izayoi Should Strike First. make Sure that Izayoi has an HP having 10's Digit of 9. Make Sure That You have Glorious Slash Leveled Up to atleast 15, Taste This to Level 30+(More is Better). Any Other Skill Should Atleast be 30+.
This Boss Is not hard, however she is CHEAP, WAY TO CHEAP. She Has Very High HP, SPD, STR however a Low VIT. She Also Has A Very High Chance of Limit Break. You Have To Absolutely not Let Her Hit You When She Has All Parameters UP.
She Always Uses Let Me Serve You Along With You Naughty Child. Now Since You Have Maintenance Ring, This Shouldn't Prove To Much. Use Dispel Immediately. Now Use Noelles normal Attack with Maid Weapon To Lower Her Parameters Faster. Use Glorious Slash To Chip Away A Huge Amount of Her Health, And Heal Accordingly, Though I Doubt You Might Need it Since You Might Have A High HP Regen, If Not So Use Starlight Gift. She Rarely uses OH MY but be vary that it immediately causes you to lose a Turn. How About This and Its Time to Clean or Cleanliness Starts With the Feet is her Bread and Butter Combo, so Expect her to use it often. Just make Sure to Keep Izayois Parameter Up Along with His HP So That You Can Always Hit Her With a Fully Powered Glorious Slash. She Rarely Uses Heavy Crash, But When She Does, Its Always During a Limit Break.
Like In Dios, Cheap Skills Aside, She Really isn't Worth Fretting Over As Long As You Follow The Strategy Above.

The Cheap Tactic:

Have Void Ring Equipped On All. Make Sure Your Speed is More Than Her.
Spam Galaxy X or Use Ratonas Head Strike at Level 50, If You Don't Have an Extra Void Ring.
Just Keep Spamming And This Will Guarantee She Will Not Get a Turn. How I Know? Because I Toy With Her Like This