Forgotten Village bonus content

Written by MSG Commander

After you reach the Normal End, you can access the east side of the Forgotten Village.

(It's best to do this after you open the magic fount in Mount Ramah, as you will then have a Dirigimoo in Asdivine.)

If you enter the building in the northeast corner of the village, there's a ton of bonus content.

First Floor

First, there's an arean where you can face off against Maidame Curie (although you'll want to save this one until your party is Level 999 - see Azyleo's Secret Arena Guide for more).

You can also exchange your Guild Coins in the shop here (I'm pretty sure they have all the same items as the arenas in Yaupon, and the one in Estrella.)

There's also a maid who will sell you 3330 Guild Coins for 23,606,790 Gold - but you're not likely to have anywhere near that amount if you come here when this area first opens up. (Later, though, you'll want to come here a lot. Since the max Gold you can carry is 99,999,999, any time you do get close to that number, you should come here and buy a boat load of Guild Coins. Even if you don't want any accessories in the Exchange, you can always buy Seeds to boost your stats.)

On the left side of the first floor, you can try the "Training Accelerator." Here, you fight one group of random enemies after another, until your entire party dies.

Basement (First Floor)

On the first floor of the basement, you can do the Gazillion Challenge. You get 20 turns to deal 100,000,000 damage to Maidame Curie. If you win, you get a prize.

Basement (Second Floor)

On the second floor of the basement, there's a door that you need to unlock by using 3 Filthy Pearls.

Once that door is open, there are a number of other doors that will ultimately lead to the extremely powerful Maid Weapons.

North Metal Door - 3 Warped Pearls

Behind this door is an All Arkstone

Leads to: Gorgeous Door - 3 Bright Pearls

Behind this door is a Hitman Arkstone

Leads to: Sturdy Door - 3 Tray Pearls

Behind this door is a Maidservant Katana (Brake 30)

South Metal Door - 3 Warped Pearls

Leads to: Southwest Gorgeous Door - 3 Bright Pearls

Behind this door is a Maid Moomie (Swoon 16)

Sturdy Door - 3 Tray Pearls

Leads to: Magic Barrier - 6 Filthy Pearls

Behind the barrier is a Mattenklopper (Steal 26), and a Maid Brand (Crit 20)

Additional Treasure

Soma Rod +44 (MP Recovery 44) - outside next to some trees
Gram +38 (Sleep 36 Poison 50) - first floor
Snack x2 - basement first floor