Mount Ramah Secret Arena

Written by MSG Commander

After speaking with Maidame Curie in Mount Ramah, you can open the secret arena. You just need to talk to the maid at the entrance and pay the entrance fee.

Inside, you can battle Alex and Jane Glory, Maidame Curie's Four Maids, and the Jolie Dopplegangers.

But, you can also collect a lot of treasure in the secret arena (which all counts toward total treasure chests opened, so if you want to collect them all you have to explore this area.)

If you've opened the Mount Ramah magic fount, and gone to the Forgotten Village to collect all four Maid Weapons (which also count toward total treasure chests opened), you should have no problem exploring this area - but you'll still want to wait until you're a high enough level to challenge the bosses in the arena.

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