Sign Posts around the world

Written by MSG Commander

* Full Disclosure: I fought each of these Bosses after I got the Maid Weapons in the Forgotten Village. Each Maid Weapon has an ATK of 900, making these and all other battles ridiculously easy. Because of this, I did not include a strategy for any of the bosses.

After the Normal End, and after you talk to Maidame Curie at Mount Ramah, there are four sign posts scattered around the four worlds, each with a special Boss, and a legendary weapon.

These bosses (and weapons) are completely optional - whether you complete this section or not will have no impact on the rest of the game.

  • Asdivine

  • Sign Post 1
  • Boss Battle

  • Laplace

  • 92559EXP/105SP/49700G
  • Drop: Berserk Arkstone
  • Legendary Weapon

  • Ragnarok
  • (ATK 300, STR & SPD 10% up) 
  • Lamel

  • Sign Post 2
  • Boss Battle

  • Divine Centaur

  • 91987EXP/105SP/49350G
  • Drop: Counter Arkstone
  • Legendary Weapon

  • Muramasa
  • (ATK 300, STR & VIT 10% up)
  • Estrella

  • Sign Post 3
  • Boss Battle

  • Temptress Alraune

  • 90845EXP/105SP/48650G
  • Drop: Next Arkstone
  • Legendary Weapon

  • Caduceus
  • (ATK 300, STR & SPD 10% up)
  •  Susha

  • Sign Post 4
  • Boss Battle

  • Amanita

  • 91416EXP/105SP/49000G
  • Drop: Double Arkstone
  • Legendary Weapon

  • Panda Doll
  • (ATK 300, INT & VIT 10% up)


After defeating all four bosses, Maidame Curie's voice comes to you, and she tells you that since you've handled all four signposts, you should now be able to handle anything - including the last dungeon? (If anyone knows what this is about, please post something in the forum!)