Unmarked Areas

Written by MSG Commander

Note: Each of these regions has its own enemies. Many of them only appear in these regions (with the exception of the Boulder Region, Barrel Region, and some monsters from the Metal regions, which may randomly show up in any encounter anywhere in the game.)

The best location for farming seeds and weapons is the Level 800 Region in Asdivine - but you may not need to go there, if all you want to do is get strong enough to beat Maidame Curie.

If you followed the Cheesy Leveling Guide through the magic fount areas, the Mount Ramah secret arena area, and Murk Abyss, then you should now go straight to Moomie Isle in Susha. This is absolutely the best place to continue leveling up.



Gold Region: Level 300 Monsters

Well, as the name suggests, all the monsters here are "Gold" type. They all have the word "Gold" in their name, and well, they drop a lot of Gold. This location is really only good if you want to buy Guild Coins from the maid in the Forgotten Village, or to fill in the missing entries in the Monster Guide.

(Note: the maximum amount of Gold you can carry is 99,999,999, so if you're close to this amount, you might as well go buy some Guild Coins. Talk to the maid on the east side of the Forgotten Village to buy 3,330 Coins for 23,606,790 Gold.)

Level 100 Region

This is the area around the sign post where you get the Legendary Weapon Ragnarok. Once you've got Ragnarok, there's no reason to ever come back here.

Level 200 Region

Alright place, but really only good for filling in the Monster Guide.

Level 300 Region: Metal Monsters

Again, if you used the Cheesy Leveling Guide, there's no need to ever come here (except to fill in missing entries in your Monster Guide.) You'll gain more EXP faster from the occasional metal monster thrown into a random encounter throughout the game, then you will trying to grind on the metal monsters here.

Level 600 Region

Now we're starting to get somewhere. Come to the Level 600 Region at any time after completing the True End (just make sure to equip several First Rings, just in case!)

Use the Encounter Ring to get a random encounter with each step, and if you're not sure about your ability to survive every battle, Save your game between battles until you can easily beat the enemy to a bloody pulp. (Mwahaha)

This is a decent place to grind up to about level 720 - 740, but if you can kill the enemies in the 800 Region on the first turn, you may be better off going straight there.

Level 800 Region *

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!

Okay, not really. (But if you come here too soon, you will get owned, so just be aware of that and plan accordingly.)

This is the place to farm Ability Seeds (and really powerful weapons).

You get the seeds from the Chaos Dragon - who is really nasty and quite hard to defeat if you're still on lower levels (even around level 750 will make these battles challenging, and you might now win every one of them). If you can't kill the Chaos Dragon in one round, then try using Izayoi's Death Slash (if it's over Lv 50 and has Swoon) or Noelle's Mysterious Dance (or any other skill with a high chance of Paralysis.) Or just run away.

Also, use See Noelle's power! in these battles, so if the Chaos Dragon does kill your party, everyone will come back (with 50% HP, but still, it'll be enough to keep the battle going for another round.)

When you first come to this region, lower your Difficulty. Start on Easy, and if it's too Easy, go for Normal and then Hard, until Hard is not so much of a challenge. Eventually, you'll be able to handle most of the encounters here on Expert, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

The monsters here drop weapons for all of your characters, and the weapons have a base ATK of over 500 (and have the highest effect ratings I've seen anywhere in the game).

This is the best place to farm weapons, but... If you just want to beat Maidame Curie there's an easier way. (See the Note at the bottom of this page.)


Don't bother

Lamel has one region that has Level 100 monsters, and it's just the narrow little strip around the Sign Post where you get Muramasa.

From a grinding stand point, there's absolutely no reason to ever spend any extra time in this location. Just get the Muramasa, and move on.


Sign Post Region

Get Caduceus, and then never come back here again.

Gold Region

Similar to the Gold Region in Asdivine, the only reason to come here is to quickly earn enough to Gold to buy massive amounts of Guild Coins.

Level 200 Region: Metal Monsters

Again, if you're following the Cheesy Leveling Guide it's not worth coming to this region. You'll already be much higher level than the monsters here.

Barrel Region

In the Barrel Region, each battle includes five "regular" barrels, and one "special" one. (The special one will float, and have eyes.) There may also be the occasional metal barrel. Aside from the bonus EXP for killing a metal monster, the metal barrels are nothing special though.

I personally don't see any reason to spend a lot of time grinding in the Barrel Region.

Boulder Region

In the Boulder Region, every battle includes four "regular" boulders, of the type you might run into in any random encounter. Additionally, each battle includes one "special" boulder, typically either a Rocky, or an I-C-U-2.

These special boulders float, and have eyes, and cannot be killed with pickaxes, so just break the regular boulders and then kill the special ones using your skills. If you break the four regular boulders in each battle, you'll be able to get some AMP, or Lodestone, or occasionally a semi-useful arkstone.

Note: you may also encounter the occasional metal boulder. If the metal boulder is behind the "special" boulder, you won't be able to defeat it unless you have a weapon or an arkstone equipped that allows you to attack all. (Metal boulders cannot be broken with pickaxes.)

The Boulder Region is another area I don't really see the point to, although some people in the forum recommend farming AMP here in order to buy any Pearls you need to unlock the Maid Weapons.


Mushroom Region

First off, you can only access Mushroom Region from the south. If you fly to Moomie Village, then fly south along that continent to the bottom, you can then fly west to reach the southern edge of the Mushroom Region.

All the monsters here are mushrooms, and they're not very powerful - but do they give a surprisingly large amount of EXP.(At Level 750 I went up 1 or 2 levels with each batle.)

It can be fun to visit the Mushroom Region for a half dozen battles or so, but after that, you might as well move on.

Moomie Isle

The Moomie Region is full of all types of moomies. Like the Mushroom Region, they're not very powerful but they also give a ton of bonus EXP. (In one battle here - which included a metal moomie - I got enough EXP to go from Level 762 to 770.) The one drawback is that the moomie monsters don't drop much in the way of useful items.

Even though the rewards aren't great here, I actually recommend grinding in this region. You won't get any good weapon upgrades, but with the bonus EXP you'll get here, you can reach Level 999 in no time.

Deadly Waters

The Deadly Waters region is located in the ocean along the south and southeast edge of the world map. By the time you reach Level 800, most of the battles in here will be pretty easy. (And if you're below Level 800, you should go grind on Moomie Isle - it's much easier and more fun!)

The main enemy to watch for here is the Cocytus Dragon. While he's not nearly as strong as the Chaos Dragon in the Asdivine Level 800 Region, it can still be a real challenge unless you get a pre-emptive strike (and even then you could still lose the battle.)

Fairy Land

Well, all the monsters here are fairies. (Surprise!)

This is a decent place to grind for Maid's Tinctures, and some strong weapons. But, like most other locations, the main reason to come here is just to fill in the Monster Guide.

Note: The best place to farm for weapons is undoubtedly the Level 800 Region in Asdivine. However, even with your party at Level 999, the Chaos Dragon is no joke. If you encounter one on Expert and you get a pre-emptive attack, you might just get lucky enough to win the battle. (But without the pre-emptive strike, you're almost guaranteed to lose.)

Unfortunately, farming for everything you need in this region will take at least a couple of hours, so if you're not that patient, then follow Azyleo's advice in his Secret Arena Guide:

Go to the Forgotten Village and challenge Maidame Curie.

Change the Difficulty to Easy (before you fight her) and then just wail on Maidame Curie multiple times.

The first time you win you'll get an armor, and then each time after that the reward is Ability Seed x99 and Life Seed x99. Fight her until you get enough Ability Seeds to raise everyone's stats above 4,000, then change the Difficulty to Hard and see how you do. If you win, try Expert. (If you lose, keep farming Ability Seeds.)

You won't be able to upgrade your weapons using this trick, but with enough Ability Seeds, that won't matter.

If you'd rather do it the hard way, read on:

In order to stand a chance in the Level 800 Region, grind to Level 900 (or higher) on Moomie Isle.

Then, when you're ready to start farming weapons - but before you go to the Level 800 Region - go to the Guild Exchange in the Forgotten Village. (Make sure you have enough Gold to buy two sets of Guild Coins from the maid near the exchange. You need approximately 27 million in order to buy 3,330 coins - so come with 60 million Gold at least.)

Get the Coins, and then buy two Parameter Rings. (You should already have two, but if you don't, then buy enough to equip one ring to each character.)

With your leftover Coins, buy as many seeds as you can afford, especially SPD Seeds and VIT Seeds.

(You need everyone's stats to be 4,000+ before you face Maidame Curie on Hard mode, so between the Seeds in the Exchange and the Seeds you get in the Level 800 Region, it's gonna take awhile. But still, you should buy Seeds in the Exchange whenever you get close to 99 million gold - which is the maximum amount you can carry, anyway.)

Now get rid of the First Rings and give everyone a Parameter Ring. You can also equip a couple Luck Rings or Weapon+ Rings, to get better drops.

Now, you can go to the Level 800 Region. Note that if you keep playing on Expert, you'll still lose to most Chaos Dragons, so even with this setup I recommend changing the Difficulty to Hard. This will still enable you to get regular, quality drops from the enemies, but it will also give you a better chance of beating the Chaos Dragons.

Now just keep grinding, collecting Seeds and weapons until you feel you're ready to challenge Maidame Curie.