Hints and Tips

Written by MSG Commander

Changing the Difficulty

When you start a new game, it asks you to select the difficulty. The choices are Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert.

Easy or Normal are recommended for a more casual gaming experience.

In Hard and Expert, you'll need to spend a lot more time grinding (leveling up, strengthening weapons and skills, etc.). The Bosses in Hard and Expert mode will be much harder, and require far more strategy than what's given in the Location Walkthrough.

The best way to play the game is to start on either Easy or Normal, then as you get a feel for things, you can try advancing to Hard, and then finally to Expert. (Expert is only recommended for the real hard core players.)

If a particular Boss battle is too hard, try setting the difficulty to a lower level. You can change the Difficulty settings at any time in the Options Menu.

Skill Growth

As you level up, you learn new Skills and Magic.

Skills start at Level 1, but increase in strength the more times you use them. Each time you use a skill it gains 1 EXP point, and when you earn enough EXP the skill levels up. The Skill List provides detailed information on skill strength and EXP needed for the next level.

Magic skills do not increase in strength or level; however, higher level Magic skills are much stronger than the ones you learn early on.

How to get across arrow tiles

In some dungeons, there are arrow tiles on the floor that point one direction. Stepping on one of these tiles will make your party move in the direction the arrow is pointing.

Sometimes, the arrow points in the opposite direction of the way you want to go, making it impossible to get across the path. (Usually, there's treasure on the other side of these tiles.)

Equipping the Heavy Ring makes it possible to walk across arrow tiles, without the tile moving your party.

Upgrading Weapons

You can upgrade your weapon's ATK and added effects by combining multiple weapons onto your base weapon. More details on how to upgrade weapons can be found in the forum.

Grinding (aka Leveling Up)

Once you've completed the Normal End, there are a number of special locations where you can grind for EXP, items, seeds, or weapons. While you gain a lot of EXP from going to these locations, the easiest method to raise your party's level is described in the Cheesy Leveling Guide.

Other methods for grinding and for farming seeds and weapons are also in the forum.

Premium Version - 1500 AMP

If you've bought the premium version of the game it comes with 1500 free AMP points.

When you start the game, I recommend buying the following Orbs from the Online Shop:

Experience Orb - doubles EXP earned

Seed Orb - gives 1 STR, VIT, INT, SPD, HP, or MP Seed every 5 battles

Welcome Arkstone - doubles skill EXP gained

Weapon+ Ring - enemies drop weapons with a higher rating

There are many other Orbs, Rings and Arkstones that you can choose from, but those are the top recommendations.

You may want to just choose a few of those items, and hold on to some of your AMP until you have a feel for the game. Then, if there's something else you want, you'll still be able to buy it.

Also, you may want to save some AMP for Tray Pearls (they can be traded in-game for valuable items).

Note: Any items you be in the Online Shop will only be used for that Save data. (Purchases are not shared across multiple games.)