Location Walkthrough

Written by MSG Commander


This walkthrough gives a brief description of what happens in each location, along with some information and suggested strategies for Boss battles.

I wrote this walkthrough playing the Premium version of the game, with the free 1500 AMP points.

I used those points at the start of the game to buy the Experience Orb and two Welcome Arkstones.

If you're playing the free version, or if you didn't buy those orbs, then some of the skills I recommend in the Boss battles may be different from what you have available, because you may not have reached the appropriate level to learn that skill.

I'm also playing the game on Normal, so if you choose to play on Hard or Expert, you'll need to find a different strategy altogether.

Although most of the game is fairly straightforward, there are a few locations that you need to reach either by boat, or flying Moomie, that can be difficult to locate.

For these locations, I've posted an image of the World Map showing where to land your boat or Moomie. Look for Izayoi's head on the Map to show where the destination is.

This guide also has dungeon maps for every location, that show where to find every treasure in that particular dungeon.

The other sections on these pages have information on skills and magic, subquests, bonus content, locations where you need to have a Heavy Ring to get the remaining treasure, etc.

Some things, such as how to defeat metal monsters, and how, when, and where to farm weapons for upgrading, are covered in detail in the forum for Asdivine Menace.