Back at Moomie Village

Written by MSG Commander

Back at Moomie Village, Donovan says you can keep the Dirigimoo longer if you need to. He also gives you a Moomie Biscuit, in case you ever need to make another one in the future.

Izayoi says he should contact the other deities, and the girls insist that he needs to rest, and they will use their magic to contact the others. After the dialogue, go to the Inn.

The game cuts to a scene with Keith and Jane, and then after that, you have Free Time.

Free Time

Noelle - in the Inn. Answer "What's in it?"
Litany - outside the Inn. Answer "Then let me help you."
Ratona - east of the Inn. Answer "I've never heard of an overcast future."

When you're done, go back to the Inn.

The next morning, Izayoi is contacted by Vann, the wind spirit in Asdivine. Vann says that now Asdivine is covered in murk! It seems to be originating from Bachlag Pass. Once the dialogue ends, go to Hugel Temple, and take the gate back to Asdivine.

(Note: You can fly the Dirigimoo all the way to Hugel Temple.)