Back to Matel Sanctuary

Written by MSG Commander

Back at Matel Sanctuary, Izayoi tells the girls to wait at the entrance, while he goes and talks to Gaia alone.

Izayoi explains to Gaia how spirits are born into the world, and then the game cuts to a flashback with Gaia and a young girl whose parents have died. (Apparently, Gaia decided to take the murk from that young girl, which over time lead to Noelle's spirit tree being born.)

Gaia still isn't really interested in Noelle, so Izayoi tells him about the murk spreading throughout the four worlds. Gaia says if he runs into trouble, he can handle it himself - he doesn't need help from Izayoi.

Just then, Aither contacts Ratona to tell her the murk has now spread to Nebulus village! Now, it's off to Estrella to stop the spread of murk.