Dauphin Village

Written by MSG Commander

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When you enter Dauphin Village, something about the people here feels strange.

From talking to everyone, you learn that Neileus was here, and that he attacked the village and injured several people. (One of the people thinks it's the ghost of his ancestor.)

After you've talked to everyone, Litany says she wants to talk to the village chief when he comes home, and suggests you go rest at the Inn.

The next morning, Chief Cyrus says that after the second tremor, Neileus and some of his sprites came to the village to investigate the murk, and then sometime later, Neileus just went crazy and started attacking everyone.

Litany swears to get to the bottom of this, and just then Neileus shows up again! Litany tries to catch up with Neileus, but she's too late. However, the villagers say they suspect Neileus is hiding in the Iceberg Ruins, to the northeast, so that's your next destination.


  • Luck Tablet x10 - chief's house
  • Shining Pearls - chief's house
  • Buster Ticket x5 - next to the chief's house
  • Great Rod +16 (HP Recovery 12 VIT 18 STR 18) - 1st floor of the Inn
  • Triple Arkstone - 2nd floor of the Inn
  • Filthy Pearls - 2nd floor of the Inn
  • Bronze Doll +30 (EXP 10 STR 15) - south of the Weapon Shop

Sub Quest

07 Unseen Being - Talk to Ferris, south of the entrance to town.

(When you unlock this quest, you also get more details about Litany's true origins.)