Despair Marsh pt. 3

Written by MSG Commander

This is it, the final battle before achieving the Normal End for this game. You're going to fight Nemesis twice - and the first time is nothing, but the second time could be a challenge.

Boss Battle



On the first turn, Nemesis uses Get out of my sight, which casts Countdown on Ratona, Litany and Noelle.

As far as I know, there's no way to "cure" countdown, except to wait until it reaches zero, and die.

So, you might as well just have the girls use their strongest, most expensive skills now while they still can.

If you're playing in Normal difficulty, you might be able to kill Nemesis before the countdown reaches zero, but if not just use a Revive Matter or something to bring them back.

After the battle, Nemesis is still angry, or jealous, or whatever it is that makes her want to kill the girls.

There's a bit of dialogue, and then your HP/MP etc. is restored.

Then, Nemesis gets really crazy, and you get to fight her again.

Boss Battle

Meta Nemesis

Meta-Nemesis, Lycoris A + B

I opened with Cataclysmic Strike, Flash Slash, Special Smack, and I smell danger! - and that plus a few lucky Limit Breaks just about took care of the two Lycoris.

Nemesis gets up to three attacks per turn, but one of those will be No Unisons for you!, and another is a status effect attack which you can easily remove with Heaven help us!

Once the two Lycoris are dead, use whatever skills you want on Meta-Nemesis, meanwhile keeping an eye on everyone's HP.

Most of her attacks will damage all party members, and it's quite likely that at least one person will die, at least one time, over the course of this battle.

I used a lot of Mach Slash and Queen of the Night, along with I will punish you! and either That's big! or Me wants that! I'm sure there are probably better strategies for beating Meta-Nemesis faster, but as you can tell I'm not a big strategy person!

Overall, as long as you keep everyone's HP high, this battle actually is not that hard.

Once it ends, watch the scene, wait for the credits to roll, then save your game.