Fighting Nemesis

Written by MSG Commander

When you load your saved data after achieving the Normal End, it puts you back in Despair Marsh, right before the battle with Nemesis.

When it asks if you're ready, select "More than ready!"

Go through the dialogue and fight Nemesis again.

After the dialogue, Nemesis asks Izayoi to erase her from existence.

Choose "Let's get to know each other instead."


After a lengthy dialogue, in which all the girls except Litany say they’re ready to make up and be friends with Nemesis, Nemesis removes the murk from the four worlds.

Izayoi invites her to come tour Asdivine – but then Nemesis is infected by the massive amounts of murk she just reclaimed. She says that if Izayoi tries to use his powers to save her, the cycle of destruction and rebirth will start again, and the (current) Universe will be destroyed!

Izayoi swears to save Nemesis, and then he and the girls are transported out of Niente.

Back in Asdivine, he holds a council with the other deities, where he says Nemesis is now in a deeper part of Niente, one that they can’t access without greater magic power. In order to open the way to Nemesis, they need to use the power of the four magic founts.

(Izayoi says there are several magic founts in each world, but in order to find Nemesis they only need to open one in each world – the one with that world’s strongest magic.)

After all the dialogue, you now need to open the four magic founts in order to gather the magic needed to reopen the gate to Niente.

The first one you need to open is in Asdivine, on Mount Ramah.

(Tip: If you've been saving your Exit Feathers and Flight Feathers, these next four locations would be the ideal time to use them.)