Folia Woods

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter Folia Woods, Izayoi fights a monster and sends his murk to Yggdrasil. Izayoi and Iris talk about how murk comes from negative human emotions, and ultimately comes in contact with animals (and sometimes other humans) and turns them into monsters.

You also learn that something happened to Izayoi (at the end of Asdivine Dios) that has prevented him from regaining his full powers.

Iris says the strange spirit is still somewhere in the woods, and Iris and Izayoi split up to look for them.

Izayoi goes to investigate, and discovers a Crybaby Spirit being chased by a monster! Apparently, the Crybaby gets confused, and thinks Izayoi is another monster, and then you get to fight her.

Boss Battle


Crybaby Spirit

  • Light Elemental
  • 59HP
  • 3EXP/15SP/85G
  • Drop: None

Okay, this battle does kind of suck, for being so early on and everything.

All I can say is try out the skills and magic that you have available, and watch your HP.

After the battle, you find out the crybaby is actually Ratona, the Light Spirit of Estrella.

Ratona joins your party, and then you need to go deeper into the woods to meet up with Iris.

The Queen of Estrella

When you meet up with Iris, Ratona delivers a message from Queen Viniera, the Queen of Estrella. It seems the Queen has seen a vision of the destruction of all worlds in the universe, starting with Asdivine and Estrella. She's looking for Izayoi's help in stopping it before it's too late.

Ratona came to Asdivine with the means to communicate with her home world, but she lost her communication device on the way to Folia Woods. After listening to her tale, Izayoi says she probably lost it on Granum Mountain.

In order to get to the mountain, you need to go through the Guild - Yaupon Branch, which can be reached by taking the ferry from Klaver Village.

Folia Woods


  • T1 - Buster Ticket x2
  • T2 - Exit Feather x2
  • T3 - Twiggy Stick +5
  •        (Poison 32 STR 10)
  • T4 - Charge Jelly x2
  • T5 - Idlator x2
  • T6 - STR Seed x2

Boss video from Azyleo