Forgotten Village

Written by MSG Commander

When you get to the Forgotten Village, your party heads straight for the Inn.

There's a scene with Alex and Jane in Lycoris Labyrinth, and then the game cuts to Free Time.

Free Time

Ratona: outside the Inn; answer "Yes, please."
Litany: north part of town; answer "Then why not come for another visit?"
Noelle: east of the Weapons Shop; answer "Sure."

Later that night, Izayoi and the girls talk about Nemesis, and they all agree that perhaps if they can become friends with her, she won't be lonely anymore, and there will be no need to fight her.

The next morning, Keith shows up to ask you to look for Jane, and if you find her in Niente, to bring her home.

Opening the Gate to Niente

After the dialogue, go back to Yggdrasil.

Izayoi holds a conference with the other deities, and together they're able to use enough magic to open a gate to Niente. Now, sail to Lilak Temple, and go to Galaxy Bridge and take the gate in the center.