Gemini Town

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter Gemini Town, you meet a Male Traveler who says you can probably get a boat if you ask at the Guild.

Jolie Curie!

Jolie Curie
Meeting Jolie Curie at the guild

Inside the Guild, you meet Jolie Curie - who, along with her sister Maidame Curie, played a very important role in Asdivine Dios.

Izayoi tells Jolie Curie that you need a boat.

(Coincidentally, Jolie Curie was the first NPC to give you a boat in Dios, as well.)

She agrees to lend you one, but only if you'll agree to exterminate a monster in Seirios Grove.

Once the dialogue ends, go ahead and leave town and head for the Grove.


Buster Ticket x3 - west side of town
Flight Feather x2 - southeast of the Item Shop
Warped Pearl - north of the Inn
Leader Arkstone - on the harbor
Lodestone (S) x5 - in the guild