Guild – Yaupon Branch

Written by MSG Commander

After you leave Folia Woods, go back to Klaver Village. At the village, Izayoi asks Anchor for a ride on his ferry. If you've already explored the town, and completed Subquest 01, go ahead and go straight to the harbor and talk to Anchor to sail to Guild - Yaupon Branch.

In Yaupon, Ratona asks about the Battle of Kameria. Izayoi tells her it was a battle that happened a hundred years ago (in Asdivine Dios).

As you're talking you overhear a Guild Member saying Granum Mountain is currently off-limits - but Izayoi knows someone in town who may be able to help with that.

Go to the home in the south part of town, and you meet Keith (one of the main humans from Dios. If you haven't played Dios, Keith turns out to be one of the few humans who ever learn that Izayoi is the diety of this world, and he also plays a critical role in winning the final battle in that game.)

Keith offers to help you reach Granum Mountain, and then he joins your party (sort of, but not as an actual party member).

Go ahead and explore Yaupon, and when you're done, exit the town to the west, and follow the world map to Granum Mountain.

Secret Passages

Yaupon secret passage
Secret passage in the Inn.

There are secret passages in different towns and dungeons, and they usually have really good treasures.

In the Inn in Yaupon, the secret passage is on the left side of the entrance.

Secret passages in towns always have the same broken, battered appearance on the walls, making them pretty easy to identify.