Hwael Village

Written by MSG Commander

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When you exit Morey Temple, you're on the Lamel World Map. You need to follow the path here to the northwest in order to reach Hwael Village.

When you come to a sign with directions to Morey Temple, Kanar Passage, and Hwael Village, keep going west to Hwael Village.

When you enter the village, Litany informs you that you'll be spending the night here. She says she has some business to attend to, and tells you to wait for her.

After Litany leaves, a Robed Woman comes through the gate, and wanders off further into the village. Litany comes back, and tells you it's time to go the Inn.

At the Inn, Izayoi is able to make the tele-crystal work (temporarily). He establishes communication with Iris, but still is not able to prove to Litany that he is who he says he is.

The next morning, Litany says she's received word of an intruder in Velle Cave. Since you have to go through the cave to reach the next town, Litany wants to check it out.

Check the Equipment Shop while you're here. They may have better weapons than what you have, and for sure will have better armor.

When you're done here, go back to the World Map and go east to Velle Cave.

Treasure (in Hwael Village)

  • Growth Mushroom x8 - south of the gate
  • Filthy Pearls - east side of town
  • Luck Ring - secret passage in the Village Chief's house
  • Heal Matter x3 - secret passage in the Village Chief's house