Kanar Passage

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter Kanar Passage, the sprites tell Litany that Neileus did in fact come through here. They say he was heading for Dauphin Village.

At the end of Kanar Passage, there's a Boss battle. Izayoi says it looks like you'll be in for a hard fight - so make sure you restore everyone's health and Save your game before fighting!

Boss Battle

Sentinel Armor

Sentinel Armor x2

Drop: Alto Heal Pudding x2

I recommend you use Guard Down and Attack Down on your first turn.

Note that one the enemies will use a skill to strengthen against physical attacks, and the other will strengthen against magic attacks.

If you use your skills on the one who's strengthened against physical attacks, all your attacks will only do 1 damage.

Likewise if you use magic on the one who's strengthened against magic, it will only do 1 damage.

My suggestion is to choose one of them to kill first, and use whatever attacks that one is not strengthened against. Then, when he's dead, change your strategy and take out the other one.

Neither one of them has a particularly strong attack, but they have good defense and a lot of HP, so the battle will take awhile but you shouldn't have to watch your party's health too closely.

After this battle, Izayoi says you should expect future battles to become much more difficult from here on out.

After the dialogue, exit Kanar Passage and start making your way northwest to Dauphin Village.

kanar passage


  • T1 - Warped Pearl
  • T2 - Tufted Katana +22
           (Countdown 14 Gnome 16 Confusion 23 EXP 8)
    T3 - Heal Ether x16
    T4 - Triple Arkstone
    T5 - Buster Ticket x5
    T6 - All Arkstone
    T7 - Holy Rod +46
           (VIT 40 HP 26 Steal 26)
    T8 - Great Saber +22
           (Brake 16 Idle 28 MP Recovery 16)
    T9 - Shining Pearls
    T10 - Bronze Doll +36
            (HP Recovery 28 EXP 10 Rage 18)
    T11 - Ability Seed x5