Klaver Village

Written by MSG Commander


The game starts with Iris waking up Izayoi to tell him there's a stranger in Folia Woods.

(Along with Minerva and Freya, Iris was one of the main characters in Asdivine Dios. In this game, these three girls all play small supporting roles, but they never join your party in combat.)

Iris says she thinks the intruder is a spirit, but she doesn't know who it might be. Izayoi agrees to meet up with her there to investigate, and tells Iris to go ahead and he'll catch up with her

Before leaving, Iris gives you a World Map, Heal Gummy x16, and Magic Gummy x8.

The World Map is a real necessity in this game, but unless you're playing on Hard or Expert, you may never need to use the Heal and Magic Gummies.

After the dialogue, you can go straight there, or you can explore the town and talk to all the people. (It doesn't really matter, because you'll be coming back this way as soon as you're done there, anyway.)

There are three treasures in the town that you'll want to get at some point. Also, you can unlock the first Subquest here.

When you're done exploring, exit the town and head south on the World Map to Folia Woods.



01 Delivery - talk to the Merchant, Willy next to the Item Shop