Lamel Palace

Written by MSG Commander

Get the two treasures on the first screen, and take the exits on each side of the main hallway to get four more. Then go to the next screen to meet the Queen.

Meeting the Queen of Lamel

Queen Sedona
Meeting the Queen of Lamel

Queen Sedona instantly recognizes Izayoi, and Litany realizes that he is in fact the deity of Asdivine.

Izayoi tells Sedona about Queen Viniera's vision. Sedona wants to speak with Viniera herself, and to do so, she needs Litany to deliver a tele-crystal to the Queen of Estrella.

As you're making preparations to leave, Ratona remembers that the path is blocked in Galaxy Bridge. Sedona suggests that if Izayoi and Noelle combine their powers, they should be able to break the barrier.

After the dialogue, leave the palace. As you return to Orque Town, the game introduces Unisons - magic attacks involving two party members.

After the Review scene, head for the gate leading back to the World Map.

After the next scene, leave Orque Town and start the long walk back to Morey Temple.

Morey Temple/Galaxy Bridge

When you finally get back to Galaxy Bridge, Izayoi and Noelle are able to break the barrier, and you can now take the gate to Estrella.



03 Future Heroes - talk to Hyde and Sam outside the Item Shop in Orque Town