Lilak Temple

Written by MSG Commander

lilak temple

After Scuttle drops you on the northern continent, enter Lilak Temple to continue the story.

Get the treasure, then go to the second screen to reach the gate that connects Asdivine with Galaxy Bridge (which, conveniently, is in fact a bridge between the four galaxies you travel in the game).

Iris, Minverva, and Freya show up, and they give Izayoi a White Crystal so he can still communicate with them while he's in Estrella.

After the dialogue, Izayoi and Ratona take the gate to Galaxy Bridge.

Before exploring Galaxy Bridge, go back through the gate and get the third treasure in Lilak Temple!


  • T1 - Buster Ticket x2
  • T2- Berserk Arkstone
  • T3 - Light Saber +8
  •       (MP 12 INT 12 Fatigue 20)