Liun Ruins Fount

Written by MSG Commander


Liun Ruins

When you enter Liun Ruins, Gaia has prepared the path for you.

Here, the Boss battle is on the third screen.

Boss Battle

Ink Kraken, Marinator, Golden Prawn

Drop: Unison Arkstone, Alto Heal Pudding, Follow Arkstone

Okay, I got a lucky Limit Break on this one, and wound up using Seismic Slash on the Ink Kraken on my first turn - so I have absolutely NO strategy for this battle!

Just use your favorite skills.

Note: the Golden Prawn can use a skill that strengthens him against phsyical attacks, so if he does, you'll have to use magic or unisons.

After this battle, Izayoi opens the last magic fount. Now, you have to reopen the entrance to Niente - but first, get the treasure in this room.

(The armor treasure has a Destroyer and a Diamond Dress.)

When you're done, use an Exit Feather to get out of Liun Ruins, then a Flight Feather to get back to Hugel Temple and Galaxy Bridge.

liun ruins fount



  • T1 - Quintuple Arkstone
  • T2 - Double Arkstone
  • T3 - Flight Feather x8
  • T4 - Deletion Fossil x2
  • T5 - Revive Matter x10
  • T6 - Follow Arkstone
  • T7 - Weapon+ Ring
  • T8 - Alto Heal Matter x10
  • T9 - Filthy Pearls
  • T10 - Shining Pearls
  • T11 - Diamond Dress