Matel Sanctuary

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter Matel Sanctuary, Noelle tells Iayoi to hurry! But she doesn't say why.

On the second screen of the sanctuary, you meet Gaia


When you meet Gaia, Noelle calls him Papa and runs right up to him. Izayoi deduces that Noelle must be a child of this world. But Gaia insists that he does not know her.

Izayoi confronts him on this, and insists that sense they both have the same magic, Noelle must belong to this world. Ratona also gets upset with Gaia, and Gaia retaliates by forcing them out of the sanctuary.

Outside, Izayoi comforts Noelle, and then says you should go back to Tigris Village.

matel sanctuary


Back at Tigris Village

After the dialogue, go to the Inn in Tigris Village. Back at the Inn, Izayoi says you still need to inform Gaia of what's happening. Meanwhile, Ratona suggests that you look for Noelle's spirit tree.

The next morning, go talk to the Village Chief, Thatcher. Thatcher says he's heard of a mysterious forest that can only be seen by the pure in heart. He says the forest is southwest of Tigris Village.

Now, exit Tigris Village and follow the World Map to Ylla Forest.