Moomie Village

Written by MSG Commander

Well, like the name says, this is a village full of Moomies.

When you enter the village, a woman comes out to greet you. She says that Donovan, who lives on the edge of the village, might be able to help you find a flying Moomie.

Go to Donovan's house. He tells you that when he fed a Moomie a certain biscuit, the Moomie grew wings - but then it flew away. In order to make another biscuit, he needs you to gather 3 Red Fur from the Rufous Sphinxes near the village.

Go get the 3 Red Furs, then go back to Donovan. He makes more biscuits, and turns 3 of his Moomies into Dirigimoos (and then they all 3 fly away.) The party runs after them, and is able to catch one to use to reach the southwest continent.

Now, get on the Dirigimoo and fly across to the northeast tip of the southwest continet. Once there, you'll have to get off the Dirigimoo and walk the rest of the way to Liun Ruins.