Morey Temple

Written by MSG Commander

morey temple

When Izayoi and Ratona come to, Izayoi says they're in Lamel, which is not where they were trying to go.

Since you can't get to Estrella, though, Izayoi suggests you look for a sprite, and try to request an audience with Sedona, the deity of Lamel.

After the dialogue, go south to reach the main screen of Morey Temple. As you approach the gate in the southeast corner, a woman comes through and runs straight into Izayoi!

The woman accuses you of being intruders. She tries to attack, but Izayoi is able to use his powers to stop her.

It turns out, the woman is Litany, the Shadow Spirit of Lamel.

Ratona tries to explain to her just who she and Izayoi are, and what they're doing in Lamel, but Litany refuses to believe their story without proof. Litany decides to take the two to Queen Sedona, so they can be tried and judged for their crimes.

Litany tells you that to reach the Queen, you need to go through Hwael Village, then she "allows" you to join her in battles, and the dialogue finally ends.

When you're ready, step on the gate to leave Morey Temple. Your next destination is Hwael Village, to the northwest.

Note: You're free to move between Lamel and Asdivine, but since the next part of the story is in Lamel, there's really no reason to go back to Asdivine at this time.