Mount Ramah Fount

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter Mount Ramah, Izayoi says he left the elemental spirit, Ignis, in charge of watching this fount. But, when he calls Ignis, Maidame Curie shows up instead.

Maidame Curie opens the way to the fount, and she tells you her subordinates are using Mount Ramah as a training ground.

After all the dialogue, step on the pentacle to enter Mount Ramah. Follow the path to a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Magic Stat Ooze

On the first turn, Magic Stat Ooze use Mirage Shield, which reflects magic damage (which, if you're using your skills, won't be any problem).

He also has a skill called "Ultra Magic Drain" which will drain ALL of your party's MP - so really, using magic in this battle is kind of pointless.

Magic Stat Ooze either has a realy high DEF, or really high HP, or both, because this battle took me a ridiculously long time.

I recommend using all your strongest skills (and watching everyone's HP). Use Taste this! and Me wants that! to help with restoring HP, or use potions.

Magic Stat Ooze is not really hard to beat - it just takes a long time.

After the battle, Izayoi opens the fount.

After the dialogue, open the treasure in this room to get a Diamond Scale (warning: there's a monster in the treasure chest!)

Boss Battle


(Disclaimer: After fighting this guy three times - and losing - I switched the difficulty to easy for this battle. Also, after this battle, I went to the Forgotten Village and got all four of the Maid's Weapons in the basement. I had to buy a few pearls in the Online Shop, but it's totally worth it.)

Even on Easy, this guy is really nasty. Do whatever you have to do in order to keep everyone's HP high in this battle. This needs to be your top priority, or he could kill your entire party.

You should probably use skills that will lower his parameters - if you try to use magic, it'll probably just be reflected onto your party.

Use strong skills, keep everyone's HP up, and hope for a lot of Limit Breaks.

Next, it's off to Lamel, to the Iceberg Ruins.

ramah fount 02
ramah fount 01


  • T1 - Diamond Scale
  • Heavy Ring required:

  • T2 - Heal Elixir x8
  • T3 - Standing Doll +70
  • (Paralysis 40 Confusion 30 HP Recovery 20)
  • T4 - Charge Matter x16
  • T5 - Magical T-Shirt
  • T6 - Magic Matter x16