Nameless Village

Written by MSG Commander


When Izayoi reappears, he's alone in a Nameless Village. Enter the large home in the north, and there's a scene between Alex and Nemesis. Alex leaves, and Nemesis reveals her true identity.

It seems Nemesis and Izayoi are the original two deities of Asdivine. Nemesis has been lonely for Izayoi for a long time, so she created a new world - Niente - just for the two of them.

The game cuts to a sort of flashback, where we learn that Nemesis and Izayoi created Asdivine together, but their world was destroyed and Izayoi disappeared. Nemesis tried a second time to create a world full of life, for her and Izayoi, but that world failed as well.

The current world of Asdivine, which Izayoi thought he was the deity of, is their third attempt. But somehow, Izayoi has completely forgotten about Nemesis.

Nemesis says she has to leave for awhile, but she'll create some humans and animals in the village for Izayoi to interact with.

After the scene with Nemesis, talk to all the people and all the animals in the village.

The game cuts to a scene with all the girls gathered around Izayoi's unconscious body. Then, Maidame Curie appears on the scene.

When all the dialogue ends, examine the glowing star in the Nameless Village. Nemesis reappears, and finishes her tale.


After Izayoi created Asdivine, and other deities created their worlds, Nemesis came to visit Izayoi, but she found him happy with the other spirits, and he had forgotten all about her. So she used her powers of murk to give the sword to Odium that launched Asdivine Dios.

Since even that was not enough to make Izayoi remember her, she took matters into her own hands, and started to spread the murk throughout the four worlds.

After Nemesis leaves again, search the town for the other three crystals. (One is north of the Items Shop, one inside the Inn, and one on the harbor.)

After you've collected all four crystals, Izayoi sees a vision of all the other deities and spirits, all the people waiting for him back home. Izayoi remembers everything, and decides to return home. When the dialogue ends, go south of the Inn to find a portal that will transport you to the next location.

Lycoris Labyrinth

As you cross through the labyrinth, Izayoi says he remembers everything, and now he knows that he can't stay here. Nemesis shows up and tries to stop him from leaving.

After that, Izayoi wakes up in front of his Spirit Tree, Yggdrasil. He says he needs to speak to Nemesis once more, to convince her to help him remove the murk from the four worlds. To do this, you need to gather the magic from each world and use it on Galaxy Bridge, to open a portal to Nemesis' homeworld of Niente.

Once everything is agreed upon, Maidame Curie invites your party to spend the night at Forgotten Village.

After all the dialogue ends, exit Yggdrasil, and get on your boat and sail to Forgotten Village. (This time, you can sail all the way there.)