Nebulus Village

Written by MSG Commander

When you get back to Vega Temple, Ratona is worried about Queen Viniera. She says the Queen is currently in Nebulus Village, which is southeast of Vega Temple.


To reach Nebulus Village, sail your boat to the southwest edge of the eastern continent.

When you enter the village, monsters are threatening the residents! Fortunately, you take care of them all without actually having to fight.

After you save the village, Aither shows up and tells Ratona that Queen Viniera is in the palace.

After the dialogue, go north to the Spirit Palace.


Deletion Fossil x2 - in the Inn
Invigorate Arkstone - in the Inn
Buster Ticket x5 - in the Library
Warped Pearl - in the Library
Casting Arkstone - behind the building in the northeast corner