Orque Town

Written by MSG Commander

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When you enter Orque Town, Litany says you'll have to wait to meet the Queen. When the dialogue ends, go to the Inn. Litany leaves to meet with her subordinates, and asks you to wait for her at the Inn.

Free Time

This is the first Free Time event in the game - but it will not be the last.

To raise the girls' Trust Levels:

Ratona: located in the Inn; answer "That's kind of you."
Litany: located at the north end of town; answer "Nothing too extreme."
Noelle: located behind the Item Shop; answer "That's seaweed."

The next morning, Litany is ready to take you to the Queen. (But first, you should go back to the Inn and get the treasure.)

Treasure (Orque Town)

  • Deletion Fossil - southwest corner (next to the Item Shop)
  • Revive Matter x3 - Mayor's house
  • Buster Ticket x2 - Mayor's house
  • Shining Pearls - Inn
  • Release Ring - Inn