Polaris Shrine

Written by MSG Commander


On the second screen of Polaris Shrine, you meet Queen Viniera.

Meeting Queen Viniera

Sedona and Freya join the conversation.

The other deities wonder if the person responsible for the incident in Asdivine 100 years ago may somehow be connected to the current problems. But Izayoi is sure that person is dead.

Since it can't be him, the only other possibility is another deity, and the only one you haven't talked to yet is Gaia, the deity of Susha.

Izayoi tells the others about his encounter with Jane Glory, and the blonde haired magic user. Freya says the magic user is Jane's younger brother Alex.

As the discussion comes to an end, a sprite comes in and tells Queen Viniera that monsters are swarming in from the eastern continent.

Viniera asks you to go to Skorpios Village, to try to warn the people there about the problem.

When the dialogue ends, leave Polaris Shrine and follow the World Map to your next destination.

polaris shrine


  • T1 - Mighty Salt x4
  • T2 - Luck Tablet x10
  • T3 - Ichimonji +10
  •       (HP Recovery 16 HP 12 INT 22)
  • T4 - Treasure Searcher x6
  • T5 - Light Doll +26
  •       (MP 26 Fatigue 28 Brake 34)

Heavy Ring required:

  • T6 - Lodestone (M) x5
  • T7 - Iron Saber +68
  •       (Crit 35 Brake 28 Idle 33)
  • T8 - STR Seed x16