Seirios Grove Fount

Written by MSG Commander


Here, Aither has prepared the path to the magic fount.

The Boss battle here is at the end of the second screen.

Boss Battle

Canis Cat

Drop: Berserk Arkstone

Even with Maid Weapons, this battle took a little bit longer. I used Hades Slash, Queen of the Night, That's big!, and I will punish you! almost exclusively.

(I say this took a bit longer, but it still only took me about three rounds to win.)

After the battle, get the treasure (Destroyer Boss battle, and Diamond Dress armor).

The final magic fount is in Susha, in Liun Ruins.

seirios fount



  • T1 - Soma Rod +26
  • (Swoon 10 Brake 16 Confusion 16)
  • T2 - INT Seed x10
  • T3 - Fragarach +20
  • (STR 16 INT 18 Sleep 26 Idle 24)
  • T4 - Luck Tablet x16
  • T5 - Mighty Salt x12
  • T6 - Maid's Tincture x6
  • T7 - Diamond Dress