Skorpios Village

Written by MSG Commander

Path to Skorpios
Land your boat where shown, and then walk to Skorpios Village.

To reach Skorpios Village, you have to sail through the opening on the eastern continent, and then get off the boat where pictured on the map, and walk the rest of the way.

When you talk to the residents of Skorpios Village, you find out that they all pray to their local priestess, Ratona.

At the Inn, you learn quite a bit about Ratona's true background, and then Ratona goes to rest while the rest of your party goes to meet with the priestess.

The priestess Ratona tells you the black mist seems to be coming from Deneb Peak. While you're talking to her, an Old Man comes in and tells her monsters are approaching the village.

The priestess Ratona runs off in the direction of the mountain, and then the Innkeeper comes in to tell you that the real Ratona has run off after her!