Tigris Village

Written by MSG Commander

When you enter Tigris Village, you get a World Map for Susha. Izayoi asks the girl if there's a temple nearby. The girl says no one can go near Gaia, and if you try you'll just get in trouble.

Talk to the other residents to gather more informatin about Gaia. When you talk to Hubris over on the harbor, he tells you about "someone" who tried to approach Gaia once, and almost didn't survive the attempt. Izayoi insists that he has to find him, and finally Hubris tells you to look for him at Matel Sanctuary, southeast of Tigris Village.

In order to reach the sanctuary, you need a boat - but, Hubris will sell you one for only 10000 gold (which you should have on hand).

Once your boat is ready, leave the village and sail to the island shown on your World Map.



08 Payback is a Dog - talk to Randall next to the Equipment Shop