Velle Cave

Written by MSG Commander


When you enter the cave, Litany's sprites are all unconscious. Litany suspects this is the work of the intruder.

On the second screen, you run into the intruder - a Childish Spirit. She calls Izayoi "Papa," and says she wants to play, and then, you get to fight.

Boss Battle

Childish Spirit

Childish Spirit


I used all my strongest skills for this battle, and it took about three or four rounds. (It's really not hard at all.)

After the battle, you find out that the childish spirit is named Noelle. She doesn't seem to know who she is, or where she came from (or why she keeps calling Izayoi "Papa").

Litany decides that Noelle will come with you to meet the Queen, and Noelle joins your party.

The treasure on this screen contains Bronze Doll +2, which is equippable to Noelle.

At the other end of this screen (near the exit) there's a monster blocking the path, which winds up being another Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Scarlet Hare Bear

Scarlet Hare Bear

Drop: Acceleration Ring

I recommend using Noelle's "Let's Trade" skill - I used it at the start of this battle and stole a second Acceleration Ring from the Bear.

Other than that, use your attack skills as much as possible.

(Using Guard Down and Attack Down on the Bear will lower his stats, and could make this battle much easier.)

After the battle, Izayoi senses a disturbance in the murk in this world, and is concerned for Queen Sedona's safety.

Litany says the Queen's palace in on the north end of Orque Town, which is your next destination, just as soon as you exit this screen.

velle cave


  • T1 - Warped Pearl
  • T2 - Light Saber +18
  •       (EXP 12 VIT 20 Crit 16)
  • T3 - Nodachi +16
  •       (STR 16 VIT 18 Confusion 40 Poison 10)
  • T4 - Lodestone (S) x2
  • T5 - Bronze Doll +2
  •       (STR 10 Poison 30 Gold 8)
  • T6 - Luck Tablet x5
  • T7 - Small Doll +24
  • (Gnome 10 Steal 12 HP 20)
  • T8 - Charge Pudding x10
  • T9 - Light Rod +20
  • (HP 20 MP 20 HP Recovery 20 MP Recovery 16)
  • T10 - Invigorate Arkstone

Boss videos by Azyleo