Ylla Forest

Written by MSG Commander

When you get in the right general area, Izayoi can't seem to find the forest. The girls say that maybe the murk in this world is causing problems. Ratona suggests spreading garlic all around to ward off evil spirits, but then Noelle eats the garlic - and then for some unknown reason, the entrance to the forest suddenly appears.

There are only two screens to Ylla Forest.


On the second screen, you find a spirit tree. Noelle says she knows the tree. Izayoi tires to read the tree’s history, and apparently sees Noelle, being born into this world alone and confused.

He says that Noelle wasn’t born from Gaia’s magic, but somehow, she was born of her own free will. About a hundred years ago, Noelle’s spirit tree “gave birth” to Noelle, without Gaia even knowing about it.

Izayoi says that’s why Noelle is the way she is – from the moment she came into the world she’s been alone. He says he’s going to go back and talk to Gaia, and everyone else agrees to come along.

After the dialogue, exit Ylla Forest and go back to Matel Sanctuary.


(All treasure is on the first screen.)