Written by MSG Commander

01 Delivery

Client: Merchant, Willy

Location: Klaver Village

Description: The Specialty Lure goes to a guy named Anchor and the Dragon Statuette goes to a lady named Nessie. Now please make sure they get to who they belong!

Reward: Charge Pudding x5


Nessie is the Village Chief, and is inside the house in the northwest part of town. Anchor is located on the harbor.

02 An Older Brother's Whereabouts

Client: Amelia

Location: Guild - Yaupon Branch

Description: Jay went up to Granum Mountain, but still hasn't come back. Please find him!

Reward: Buster Ticket x6


Jay is located on the final screen in Granum Mountain. When you find him, you have to fight a monster, but the monster is not particularly strong.

After the battle, Keith shows up and agrees to see the boy safely home. Now you can go back and claim your reward.

03 Future Heroes

Client: Hyde & Sam

Location: Orque Town

Description: You're gonna get us 2 Long Branches from the Flourishers that live near town, right? This is gonna be awesome!

Reward: Charge Honey x8

04 Fishing Disruptors

Client: Susan

Location: Gemini Town

Description: You'll find Blaster Shrimp in the ocean. Exterminating 6 of them should be fair punishment. Still, I won't get my hopes up until you actually do it!

Reward: Luck Ring x1


Like the game says, the Blaster Shrimp are in the ocean - so get in your boat and sail around the Gemini Town area until you kill 6 of them.

05. Flowers for an Offering

Client: Village Chief, Anthony

Location: Skorpios Village

Description: The Pixie Dust I need can only be obtained from the Pixies that live up on Deneb Peak. If I could get you to collect 4 of them, that should be sufficient.

Reward: Maid’s Brew x4

06 Unedible Snowpuff

Client: Minnie

Location: Hwael Village

Description: Snowpuff is a white Moomie and he's very, very well mannered. I don't think he would have gone outside the village, either.

Reward: Counter Arkstone


1. Find Snowpuff in the southwest corner of town. After you talk to him, he runs away.

2. Next, look in the Inn. He'll run away again.

3. Now, he's hiding behind the Inn sign. This time you catch him, and now you can take him back to his owner.

07. Unseen Being

Client: Ferris

Location: Dauphin Village

Description: In order for me to be free of this ghost, I need you exterminate some 12 Sea Hounds! You can find them roaming the ocean floor around the village!

Reward: Protection Ring x1

08 Payback is a Dog

Client: Randall

Location: Tigris Village

Description: Now I want you to go take 8 Sweaty Loincloths from the Goblin Fighters who wear them. You'll find them roaming the land west of the village.

Reward: Deletion Fossil x2

09. Lost & Found

Client: Sprite, Capella

Location: Nebulus Village

Description: Please deliver a Black Handkerchief, Feather Pen, and Photo of Young Man to their rightful owners. I’ve attached a note to each, so you know who they go to!

Reward: Maid’s Tincture x3


The Black Handkerchief goes to the Mayor of Gemini Town. (His home is on the west side of town.)

The Feather Pen goes to the Skorpios Village Priestess (the one they called Ratona. She'll be standing near the entrance to town with her fiance.)

The Photo of Young Man? Well, take it to Keith Glory in the Guild - Yaupon Branch. When you're done, go back to Nebulus Village to claim your reward.

10. Feathers on the Window Sill

Client: Donovan

Location: Moomie Village

Description: I wonder what that Dirigimoo was trying to tell me. In any case, check out the Ylla Forest and let me know what you find!

Reward: Parameter Ring x1