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Spirit says:
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Magical Girls Save the World(s)

Haven’t been into the whole “magical girl” concept since I was in middle school and Sailor Moon came to the U.S, but this was a bit fun to play. I spent about 30hrs on easy mode as I’m not a super hardcore must beat in expert mode type. Within those 30hrs I was able to get through main story, after story areas/dungeons, and reach max lvl. There’s enough content to get a casual gamer like me who’ll play a few hours a day in passing and not feel frustrated at the progress.

The story outline was well written and the history was decently thought out, but I felt there were things I would’ve liked to have seen expanded upon. The Sorcerer’s Society was the main thing I would’ve liked to know more of. Maybe there’ll be other games in the future that will involve them, but I’m not getting my hopes up for that. Read the other review if want story spoilers.

Characters are standardish tropes.
Spica: The idealist who shoves her beliefs on everyone around her. The whole “everyone should be nice and share” idea and doesn’t comprehend how people can get bad ideas/emotions that’ll lead to bad things. Like she has no darkness in her own heart that give way to bad thoughts and feelings. (Find out there’s a reason for that)
Mimosa: Rich girl who doesn’t want people to know shes rich, but her etiquette and behavior towards peasent like actions/food gives it away. Oh and she doesn’t wanna take over family business and do her own thing!
Elnatt: Happy go lucky girl that lives and breathes for food. Food makes her happy. Food drives her decisions. Give her a Stern Bun and you could kidnap this poor girl!!
Snow: Loner girl that’s been through many things that has cold outlook towards life even though she works to try to bring people together. Takes a bit to break ice wall built around her heart.

Actual game play, various systems, and such.
The mission rewards system for various one time/ repeat til fully complete/infinite actions such as eating, elixirs, upgrading skills/weapons/orbs, leveling up, defeating monsters, and so on, make it so you won’t need to buy IAP unless you are a full completionist that must get all the ultra rare weapon/armor/ice spirits in shop. You get enough star stones to open all the treasure warehouses and buy the Astrune Pass (800 star stones). Astrune Pass has a total of 10 tickets for forging plus many other valuble items.

Thawing system get about mid game is a nice gimmick. Wait in real time, not game time, so many hours (number items and hours change as game progresses), thaw the block of ice, get numerous random things for doing absolutely nothing. The standard HP Bubble to growth elixirs to orbs, shards, & crystals, etc. Get tickets from missions, shop, gym to speed up process. Maybe they added this because the drop rates for things is pretty bad even with items that supposedly increase drop rates.

Mana points on world map and in dungeons is like a little treat for each area. Permanent stat boosts for just walking from point A to point B is always welcome. Bad thing though is the curio thing with x3 battles is gone and the teleport to different points of dungeon went with it. I liked setting mob rates to triple. To get through a dungeon quickly if need to return to deepest part, best hope you remembered to drop the 1 and only Local Warping point that disappears from previous point if set at new place.

Level caps is another interesting choice this game has. Have to go to the Meteor Gym to be allowed to go passed levels. You don’t loose the excess XP as it’ll be waiting in stock. If can’t beat the gym mobs, then raise skill levels, upgrade weapons, drink elixirs, etc until you can. Game kinda forces you not to power level at the start and will even hinder you at points by not making the gym available. It seems to try to keep you in balance with what will face by trying not to let you be too overpowered to just 1-2 hit a boss.

Skill system is a bit annoying. 2 ways to increase skill power. 1. Constant use to level it up 2. Using McGill memos. This makes you have to pick what to really focus on, but may mess you up depending on a boss. Especially if used to hitting everything with status downs and Elnatt steal, that you forget about heals and status up skills because you never use them. Then there’s the “evolving” of skills as you gain levels. Every time a skill evolves, the line up shuffles in the listing and it’s name changes. Can get frustrating if in a mode and tap wrong one beacuse things shifted from usual tapping spot. Keeping skill list short and sweet is nice, but the shifting around…irritating.

Character specials
Spica: Demonization and star disk is lacking. Skills just didnt do as much as I hoped even with various tweaks to the star disk to boost it. Then again her skills in general felt lacking to me. The length of the cool down afterwards was also a minus to me since made her 3rd in line. Sleeping at inn clears the cool down though.
Mimosa: Makeover is wonderful for upgrading weapons/armor/orbs but in battle it meh. I used her as the vanguard to knock defense down 1st with her heavy hits so it felt a waste to use her as item girl. Since no items apply to whole party, have to use her makeover to apply to all. Just remember to have items in multiples of 4 to use this way.
Elnatt: Demons summoning is another meh. I didn’t use Isekai Randos Drowt’s summoning much so I sure didnt use hers much either. When I did, there was only 3 that I used. Summoning a demon felt like a wasted turn that I could use to do steal damage or atk down damage. They were really only summoned to complete missions.
Snow: Ice Spirits is meh too, but I used these a bit more than the summoning as they did something that turn. Well these spirits are reason for the Thawing freebies. The heal spirits and a few others helped in a few boss battles but in normal battles they weren’t really used. These also have a lengthy cool down. As Snow was the last in turn rotation, her and Spica never saw much action due to Mimosa & Elnatt plowing through normal mobs. If they never really get a turn, they cant clear the cool down unless purposely put other 2 in standby or go to an inn.

Overall it’s a fun game and not frustrating even when set to easy compared to some of Kemcos other titles. I may play through again on normal.

  • IAP not needed
  • Thawing system
  • Mana points with stat boosts
  • Level caps
  • Elnatt reminding me of Isekai Randos Famin
  • No curio thing for 3x battles
  • Drop rates
  • Elnatt having Isekai Randos Drowts summoning
  • Local warping
  • Cool downs for Spica and Mimosa
crsoid says:
Battle System:
Skill System:

Magical Girls Fresh Outta High School Fight To End Racism!: The Game

Astrune Academy (Welcome to Arcana Academy! /「ようこそアルカナアカデミーへ!」in JP) is a game where you play as a nice little teacher named Sirius, and his trio of quirky students, the Amitie PuyoPuyo-like Spica, the graceful princess who may or may not want to be a delinquent Mimosa, and Elnatt… Famin Isekai Rondo! Don’t worry about Snow yet.

In this, you bear witness to the three students’ personal growth and bonds, watching as they work towards the road to becoming an amazing wizard with the help of their teacher!

The party pull through harrowing challenges such as tasks where you save a girl from kidnapping and send her relative’s dad to jail, lessons of getting stuck in walls from warp magic accidents, and beating the Saison Chevalier’s version of Jessie and James with your Alma Styles! And getting the power to summon sentient food, weapon synthesis and item usage on all characters, and a super mode. All in all, a fun game of school li-

SIKE! Sirius is a racist emo idiot who cares only about his crazy genocidal sister. Now here’s Snow and this funky group that advocates for ending racism!

Yeah. The moment Sirius turns out to be Rivelle, all of the traces of the whimsical school life go out of the window. A real shame, because I like the fun concept, but I guess Exe-Create can’t go a day without making their usual “Save The World!” plots. I mean, they managed to stay off that plot with Overrogue, why can’t they just give us a silly little school life game?!

There’s also the crazy amount of bugs that haven’t been fixed yet as of writing. Someone couldn’t download the game data without using a VPN, Mimosa sometimes wouldn’t get back to her place after launching a normal attack, and etc. Great first impression! /sarcasm

The story is interesting and cool, but there’s sometimes some parts that go by too quickly, and some that just. Infuriate you. (rivelle my dude why) Other than that, it’s cool, I guess! The history is somewhat interesting but there’s some parts that of the game that would make some awesome worldbuilding potential. (IE The Star Sorcerers Society and how did they start.)

So now let’s talk mechanics. And I’m sorry, but I would just like to gently walk to the person who suggested replacing the monster spawner system for the pendant system, and sock them square in the face. It’s a little bit too janky, and I’d rather three waves of monsters come at me than I would like to step awkwardly after each battle. I’ll get it if they were trying to make it field-friendly, but honestly, I think it’s just mediocre at best. Please just get that portable curio thingy from Fernz Gate, do some adjustments and it would be a little better.

The Astrune Pass. Why. Thank god for the new mission system that makes getting Star Stones easy, but why?????

There’s also lots of minor flaws.
At one point in the story, there’s one dialogue with most of the text missing, typos exist, and some cutscene text doesn’t match up to skill names sometimes (IE Mage Gun/Sorcerer’s Cannon and Aquistos/Aquaestos)

I don’t know what in the world happened in the Exe-Create studio for such a disastrous release, but I think this game should’ve been released later, maybe like a year, more or less. I dunno, I think this game would be better with more time to work with.

Let’s spread some more positivity now. I think the level cap mechanic’s interesting and shakes things up a bit.

The party’s own battle mechanics are cool too. Who wouldn’t want to summon flaming bears, cotton candy ghosts, Jack Frost and the Headless Horseman? Makeover is cool, you can supply everyone with workout grimoires without wasting some more turns, and Demonization is awesome! (no i am not sacrificing 5 turns of amazing buffs for a 2000+ power skill btw)

Also, Break is too much. You deplete an enemy’s break gauge and you can go ham on them with Mimosa’s Tomboy Slash/Rude Break/Shameless Buster.

TLDR: A game with a promising and funky premise, screwed over in favor of a usual “Save the world” plot, but still fun!

  • Quirky characters with curious stories
  • Level cap system is fun
  • Music being as awesome as ever
  • Cool little character battle mechanics
  • Pendant system
  • The existence of the Astrune Pass in general
  • Lots of wasted potential
  • Break is just way too much
  • Rivelle was done WAY too dirty

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