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Welcome to the official blog for RPG Insanity, where we will cover all topics having anything and everything to do with mobile RPGs (and the reasons why we love them…) Hint: “fun” and “portable.” Oh, and “fun.” Did we mention fun? Two years ago, RPG Insanity was born, and the web (and the developer) has… Continue Reading »

Fanatic Earth: Words, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words Fanatic Earth has one entertaining feature, but it isn’t graphic or game play.  The dialog in this rpg is full of humorous insults and put-downs.  The speech, translated by Kemco’s John Sears (who does many of their games), doesn’t feel like a translation.  It is more like he takes something that perhaps… Continue Reading »

Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter

Legend of Ixtona: Choices Matter! This is a mini-review of Legend of Ixtona in which my primary focus will be on the tactics and choices presented to the player.  Ixtona is a grid based tactical RPG.  There are no dungeons and no random battles, but instead individual arena-like battles against hordes of enemies.  You begin… Continue Reading »