Subquest List

Written by Jesusalva

Original list made by Villain in Glasses.

  1. A Taste to Know

Client : Navana, a Traveler

Location : Furyu Village

Objective : Collect some wild grass near the village

Reward : Revive Stone S


  1. A Meal for Kyu

Client : Alissa

Location : Link Port

Objective : Collect 2 Dried Fruits from Terror Toads that live near Link Port

Reward : Guild Coin


  1. A Momento of a Friend

Client : Cuirass

Location : Primavera City

Objective : Get the momento back that lost in Lanta Track

Reward : HP Seed x3


  1. A Challenge Too Swift

Client : Annabelle

Location : Villa Oasis

Objective : Defeat 4 Rock Fishes that live in Zomnar Desert

Reward : Guard Tablet x2, Attack Tablet x2


  1. Oo-Oo, Oo-Oo, Oo-Oo

Client : Salvia

Location : Coast Storehouse

Objective : Collect 3 Oo-Oo Pictures in the Coast Storehouse

Reward : Golden Ore M x4


  1. The Value of a Jar

Client : Suspicious Pot-Seller

Location : Link Port

Objective : Collect 3 Pretty Claws from Wint Chinchillas that live around Seater Port

Reward : Act Cube x2


  1. Huge Monster Research

Client : Ostio

Location : Eilnon City

Objective : Suppress 1 Cold Behemoth in Kebull Snowfield

Reward : Life Seed x2


  1. Fishing Contest in the Snow

Client : Nowzen, an Angler

Location : Seater Port

Objective : Catch a Wint Goosefish at Seater Port fishing pier

Reward : Act Breaker x2


  1. World’s Greatest Star

Client : Trick-Mee Fan

Location : Primavera City

Objective : Look for Trick-Mee (NPC) in Twin Hills (Not in Depths)

Reward : Revive Stone M x2


  1. Secret Monster Extermination

Client : Kobushi, a Spree Soldier

Location : Old Hut

Objective : Suppress 7 Wale Butterflies in Emergency Escape Route (entered via Old Hut)

Reward : Ability Seed x2


  1. A Secret Trade

Client : Otam Soldier Rindo

Location : Elvust City

Requirement : Foure must master Cat’s Paw role

Objective : Learn Cat’s Paw role

Reward : Flying Dog Crystal


  1. Before The End of The World

Client : Nowzen, an Angler

Location : Sautart City

Objective : Catch 1 fish from 4 different fishing spots

Note : Don’t forget to fish whenever you found a fishing spot while doing Main Quest

Reward : Act Crystal


  1. A Second Secret Trade

Client : Otam Soldier Rindo

Location : Elvust City

Objective : Collect 5 Fluffy Clods from Leaf Ghost in Ive Hill

Reward : Royal Pillow Crystal


  1. An Unending Nightmare

Client : Yarrow

Location : Sautart City

Requirement : Ark must master Nightmare Diver role (can be obtained from misson task in menu, the one under save menu)

Objective : Help the doggie

Reward : Act Destroyer


  1. Wringgling in the Shadows of the End

Client : Norse, a Wint Soldier

Location : Eilnon City

Objective : Defeat a certain monster (boss type) in Kebull Snowfield

Reward : Blast Whistle



Spoiler title

For subquest no.3  just walk around and explore lanta track, you’ll eventually sees shining stuff, that’s the memento.
For subquest no.15 please look carefully and talk to all NPCs in Eilnon city. You need to be Story 120 To the Divine Battlefield for side quest 15 to appear.