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Shilka says:
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One of the Best RPG Stories I've Experienced...

EDIT: As of mid 2023 Chrome Wolf has (surprisingly) received a port to PC/Consoles…. I would strongly recommend playing that port instead to avoid the somewhat aggressive IAP and jank controls from the original iOS/Android release, and the PC/Console port is full-screen so you don’t have to worry about staring annoying huge black borders on your TV screen!!!!

Gameplay: Chrome Wolf’s gameplay is very tedious to say the least. The enemy encounters are way-too-frequent and unlike later Kemco RPG’s, there’s no way to adjust rate of enemy encounters, and several Sidequests require you to complete them within a set time limit otherwise you’ll fail them and not earn the best reward. Dungeons are a chore to navigate through as they have pathways that can be somewhat confusing, and the minimap only really helps a tiny bit while exploring said dungeons. There are 6 different classes for characters to use in the game, and one of those classes (the powerful Spartan class which contains the best abilities and lets you equip all weapon types freely) is locked behind an IAP dungeon. Thankfully, the IAP currency is very easily grindable in this game through winning battles. Chrome Wolf also doesn’t display in full-screen on newer Android phones and as the game’s developer, Magitec, went defunct several years ago, there will be no fix for this.
Controls: Controls for this game were bearable but somewhat janky, possibly because of me playing this game on a newer Android device (this game was from 2013, my phone was on Android 11 which was much newer than when the game was first released.)
Story: Despite Chrome Wolf’s tedious gameplay, I definitely enjoyed the story. A tragic civil war occurs between humans and a persecuted horned race known as Unicornians within the Empire of Lenoir while a rival nation called Hubirt (who possesses a powerful resource called “Elementite” that drove them into conflict w/Lenoir before the game’s events) threatens to invade Lenoir’s territory amid their civil war w/the Unicornians. Our main hero is an Imperial soldier who ends up on the Unicornians’ side after he is ordered to massacre a village of innocent people, and the writing is pretty good (for a Kemco RPG) throughout Chrome Wolf’s playtime.
Battle System: Battles are turn-based like pretty much every other Kemco RPG out there, but what makes this games battle system unique is that you get a tank to fight in for certain powerful enemy and boss encounters. However, use of the tank is pretty much disincentivized because you don’t earn any EXP towards your classes/magic elements for learning skills when you fight onboard it.
Skill System: You learn magic in this game by equipping Elemental Emblems and gradually gaining points in that element, the same goes for learning class skills (you earn points towards your current class at the end of a battle, unless you were fighting in the tank.) Unfortunately the rate you learn these skills at is very slow and you will need to do some grinding at points in the game.

  • A great story w/decent writing throughout
  • Tank battles and tank combat sequences
  • Easily grindable IAP currency
  • Too-frequent enemy encounters makes the game a tedious slog to play through
  • Game is not full-screen on newer Android devices (and Magitec is defunct so there will be no fix for this at all)
  • No Postgame/True End route unlike most other Kemco RPG's
  • Some content locked behind IAP currency
  • Dungeons are not very well-designed and are a chore to navigate through
Rin-kun says:
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Steel Illusion - A story about Betreyal and Atonement -

Steel Illusion is one of MAGITEC best game during their active status year.
A game about a civil war of two forces, the Empire and the Unicornians.

— Background —
The protagonist, Kruz, and his comrades were assigned a mission to invade a “base” of the Rebel Army in order to suppress their power, but they soon discovered that everything was a lie and that it was just a normal village.
Abel, a Protagonist comrade, refuses to continue their mission and decides to aid the Unicornians in their escape, which leads to his death as a betrayal to the Empire. Kruz was forced to kill innocent Unicornians, making him do the same thing Abel did. Kruz was given a final wish by Abel, and he followed it, soon joining the Rebel Army and atoning for his sins, as he believed his life had no purpose than dying. The Atonement soon led him to do the cause that would end this Civil War.

— Gameplay —
The tank is the most important aspect of the game; the better your tank is, the greater the flow will be.
The game also introduces MAGITEC’s early multi-class system.
Magic won’t help you much if you have stronger guns and skills. That’s not to say you wouldn’t use it.

— Conclusion —
I’m not good at writing reviews, but Chrome Wolf is an incredible game from KEMCO/MAGITEC.
Chrome Wolf is one of the reasons I enjoy KEMCO games and was one of my first experiences with them.
Dark Story is more of a thing to me because I’m interested in playing the game because of the way the story progresses, the portraits, and the character development.

Chrome Wolf could use some more content, but I don’t mind, and I’m sure you will once you try it out.

  • Interesting dark story.
  • Character development.
  • Concept of Atonement and Supreme Sacrifice.
  • Guns and Tanks!
  • Plot Twist.
  • No Happy Ending
  • Lack of more Content.
  • Magic sometimes not needed.
  • Too much Grinding
Mariabronn says:
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Best game of MAGITEC

Usually, MAGITEC’s game has poor graphic, short playtime, and old sound effects.
Despite of all these weakpoints, Chrome Wolf has the best story that I’ve ever played.

  • Good story
  • Free grinding area
  • Old soundeffects
  • No aftergame

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